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Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Sister Got Punked

OK, so just like in the old twin show that some of us watched when we were young, twins do play tricks on each other. "What a crazy pair." One day about two weeks ago, my twin sister and I were out running errands in our car. I have a new Kia Sedona mini van. Well, after Linda and I shopped around at our local Walgreen's store and went back to our NEW car, it would not start.

I told my sister that I believed we ran out of gas since I knew we were low, but I did not know we were quite that low. It was time to problem solve. I told my sis that I would go across the street to a gas station and bring back a container of gas. No problem, we would put it in the car and Wah La, everything would be hunky dory.

I am writing a mystery novel right now, so my life feels like a movie. I kind of felt on this day that I was premiering in my own movie hoping some great opportunity would come a knockin on my door to help in this fun endeavour. Well, I walked across the street to get some gas and what do you think I saw?

I spotted a state trooper vehicle outside of the gas station. Perfect I thought, I will ask him to help me out and this could be a great part for me in the " Drama of the day." I looked at the state trooper and said right inside the gas station " Your just the person I wanted to see right now." He told me he had never heard that one before. I told him my plight and he said he was willing to drive me over to the parking lot that my car ran out of gas and help me out.

He did share with me that as exciting as this whole thing was, he would have to put me in the back of the squad behind the plexy glass. He also told me I lucked out because had I run out of gas in the road he would have no choice but to ticket me. Well, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. This was a perfect scene for me in my first fake movie. OK I said, but wow, there was not a lot of room back there. I could hardly fit my legs in there. I am so claustrophobic, but I thought it would so be worth it when my twin sister saw me driving up in a state trooper squad car.

Eric the state trooper and I chatted on the way to the parking lot and he prepared me for the fact that I could not get out of the car till he walked back to it and opened my door. Ooh, I didn't really like the sound of that one, but now there was not much I could do. He suggested to me that we play a little prank on my twin sister which I delighted in.

Waving from within the MN state trooper car at my twin she looked at me as if she had seen a ghost. The state trooper put his window down and spoke to her window to window. He peered in her window and pointed at me and said, " I am taking her in." Oh how I wish I had a picture at just that moment. Linda has a great sense of humour and she of course loved the whole thing only after the state trooper let me out of the car.

Funny Twin Sister Fact: My twin sister and I were extras in a real movie that you can see in video stores. I think it was one of the worst movies every made. It was called the Come Back with Robert Yurik and China Phillips. Don't laugh too hard if you see it. Make sure to have your cheaters on so you can see Linda in the bank scene and I in the walking up the stair scene. Please don't ask me for autographs.


  1. are writing a mystery totally awesome!! That sounds like fun. I started a novel once...but never finished. I needed to do more research than I had time for! Now I'm just posting my Estelle Series on RG.

    I commented on you probably already read my comments there.

    Oh and I followed you :) Thanks for stopping at my blog!! Cheers, Jenn.

  2. Thanks Jen. I am so glad to be connected with you. I did read RG comments. My mystery series is on my hub pages. I am Healing touch on Hub pages.

    Thanks for the follow.