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Monday, June 27, 2011

The Money Tree Blog

" Money only buys a small measure of happiness, and then only for those who have the wisdom to use it properly." Steven Scott 

This week for my blog writer group called GBE2,we are to look at this image and go to town on what this means to us. Oh, the money tree, what visions and ideas come up oh so naturally for me.

My mind goes straight to what money can do or not do for us. Appealing to all of  our sense of wealth, I could not stop thinking about how corrupt money can really be. I mean what if we were to have a lot of money?  What would that do to our sense of morality and righteousness.  Look at our top CEO's and the money they spend on what I would call frivolous things.  Jet setting to vacation destinations, dining at the best restaurants, boats of plenty, Only the best jewelry and so on.

I will not lie.  I have put money into the lottery.  I get a sick stomach when I think of all the sad and sadistic things that could really happen if I had a lot of money and won the lottery.  How many times have we heard that the person that won the lottery was killed over it. As balanced and secure as we may think we are, what would really happen to you or I if we had won Said money?  

I would love to pay off all my family bills and mortgage.  Wow, it would be amazing to have the money to do that, but............

As great as the idea sounds money can create greed which can force many unfathomable things to spiral.  It is written that money can make it harder for us to get into the gates of heaven.  What does that really mean?  I have seen it in my life time.  I think it is rare for those with great financial stability  to stay balanced in their life.  I know it happens, but unfortunately, I think it is far more rare than the alternative.

I wish we could be a society that gave each other our personal God Given  gifts instead of money.  I know as a person in the healing field, I have returned a healing for a massage, or a chiropractic healing for cleaning a house. I mean, we all need something and we all have gifts.

What would our world be like without the exchange of money?  It reminds me of when I had my children at the Catholic school.  They all wore the same uniform.  No Tommy Hilfiger, Tommy Bahama or Hollister.  We can then observe how children dressed the same can have a set up barrier to jealousy or greed over clothes. 

Please think about this with me. Would we really want to be millionaires?  What would happen to the stability of our family lives?  Would our priorities change?  Would we be generous givers? Would our hearts harden?

As many bills as I have stacked in my pantry for "Doing the Bills Day," I don't think I would want all that would go along with having money.

Thanks for coming along with me on the issue of great wealth.  I don't really have answers, but it really makes us look at the question.  Do we really want to be rich in wealth?  I guess for me it comes down to the fact that, "I want to be rich in spirit."

Hebrews 13:5
"Keep your life free from the love of money, and be content with what you have."


  1. beautifully put Laura! So true. I have often believed that the extremely wealthy will have a harder time getting into heaven not because they are evil or I am better but because their objects are distractions, Idols that they worship instead of god. I really enjoyed reading this :)

  2. This is so wonderful, and I love the biblical reference!! Most of life's answers truly can be found in that book. Well done!!


  3. Another great post, another family with their feet on the ground and a great sense of reality - yes a lotto or a money tree could make all those dreams come true, but you know you have to get through on the ground floor; who wants to be like a greedy and spoilt CEO anyway?

  4. I've never thought of having money so that I could buy things. I've wished I could have it because it would free my mind to think about things other than losing my home because I don't have money to pay for it. I would love the freedom that comes with knowing I could pay my bills and not have to make a choice between eating and paying my electric bill, not live in fear that if somebody doesn't buy my home, I'll lose it – things like that.

  5. Lol I like this post. Being a millionaire would probably bring more harm than good! Unless you were an amazing person who gave 99% of it away! That would take a wonderful person, for sure...

  6. I was a lot more generous with money when I had it. Now, I don't give as much charity because we need our money to pay the bills, and that's a pity. Shame on those who have it but won't give any aid to those in need. It burns me up to know that less than ten individuals have more wealth than 50% of the US citizens' total assets combined and pay very little in taxes, yet those who have none are expected to support the country. In Eisenhower's time, the rich tax rate was over 90% and the economy boomed. This is the result of the Bush tax cuts and Obama's unwillingness to stand up for what is right.


  7. Money is just a tool to survive, at least the way I see it. Great post!

  8. Good food for thought! And there is no easy answer!

  9. I worry about paying bills, but as for great wealth, it just isn't in my picture--well, onto the next bill.

  10. Money is a tool...and I do believe we are called to use this particular tool for His good. I think if one really respected the dollar and used it with wisdom, having some extra money could be put to good use. My great-aunt had millions of dollars, but you would never know it by looking at the house she had, the car she drove or the clothes she wore. She started orphanages in Vietnam after the War,(she served in the AF as a LT. Col. two tours in Vietnam) she paid for a yearly scholarship for a student who was economically disadvantaged to attend a College for over 35 years. She did things, we her family, weren't even aware she had done until she passed.

    As for the love of money and greed...I agree...we need to steer our hearts away from that and think of it as a tool that can be used to benefit others.

    Cheers, Jenn

  11. the :eye of the needle: was a real place where the camels had a very hard time getting through because they had to 'bow down' to go under the gate. They were so tall, and rich men are tall and some prideful so humility towards Our Creator can be difficult with greed consumption around in their heart. It's easy., JUST JUMP UP and GRAB YOUR BLESSING!!! become debt free and don't apologize for it. GOSh then we can all meet @ the STOOP... : )

  12. Claudia,
    Unfortunately your right. No right answer.

  13. Vanessa,
    I love your take on money just a tool to survive.

  14. Joyce
    Your right. The wealthy hold most of the Moola.

  15. Jenni
    Your right on the money.. lol

  16. It is true or it seems that people with money just try to get more money. Good thoughts.
    A Pirate Looks Past Sixty

  17. Beautiful blog! I often wonder how the bartering system of money developed. I think that I would have been just as happy if we bartered differently using our talents and tools better to serve others with... For instance, I'm good with kids, someone else might be great with gardening and another sewing clothes or making furniture...

  18. A necessary system of barter, like it or not ..atm...its what we got...I love your take on this !

  19. Anonymous1/7/11 21:08

    Bartering services is great. I'm sure all of us do a certain amount of it, whether officially or just as a matter of helping one another out however we can.

    As far as your question...yes, I'd love to me a millionaire, but not if the road to getting there required working so many hours that I was distanced from my loved ones. If the money were a windfall, though, I'd welcome it because it would be life-changing in buying me more time to nurture those relationships and to follow my dreams.

    I don't having think a great deal of money would change me as a person--I've been hurtin'-for-certain poor and we've had some pretty flush times--and no matter our bank balance, we've pretty much just been us.