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Monday, June 13, 2011

Mamma Told Me There Would Be Days Like This

Have you ever had "one" of those days that leaves you scratching your chin?  Well I had one of those recently and all I can say is I am so glad it does not happen often. It was a repetitious cycle of one thing after another. It just snowballed for the rest of the day and actually somewhat into the week.  Boy did I ever sleep deep that weekend.

The first oddity happened at Cub Foods.  I am a single mom of two. I was shopping for a group of volunteers that were coming out to landscape at our housing campus for work. I work with homeless/at-risk families and children.  I was at the cash register when an elderly lady and the male cashier were having a conversation. I was putting my groceries on the conveyor belt. At one point the male cashier was flirting with me with his words. The lady he was speaking with told him he should not flirt with a customer. She was saying it all in good fun.

It was a lively, friendly three way conversation now.  He was telling the both of us how he was a single dad and put his son through the engineering program at the U of M. Impressing me though he was, I definitely was not ready for what came next. At the end of our transaction he handed me a piece of paper. I assumed it was part of the receipt that he gave me for my work account which is part of the process. 

I got out to my car and looked at the sheet of paper. It was his cell number and a note saying that he would like to take me out to lunch or coffee. No, I did not call him back.

Later, I went to my son's baseball game. To say I was a baseball magnet is putting it ever so mildly. At one point in the game after the fourth ball almost hit me and the folks near me, this is what the man next to me said.  " I think we need to move because most balls are coming right to you in our area."  He was right, they were all coming to me and I could not even enjoy the game. I finally moved to another area and guess what?  The balls followed me over there too.  It was so odd. 

The next thing that happened was my brand new Kia Sedona car engine died. I was at a Walgreen's with my sister shopping for odds and ends. We went out to the car and it did not start. I decided to leave my sister at the car and I would go to the gas station across the road for gas. I am writing a mystery series right now.  Because I am writing this, I feel as if I am playing a part in a movie. I am a silly woman, but life is so much fun. I spotted the officer and his shiny state patrol car. I ran over to him in the store and said, "oh, your just the person I wanted to run into now."  He could not believe it as he said he does not hear that one too often. Anyway I put gas in a container and the officer said he was willing to take me back to my car and help me out. If you haven't been in a police car before, you don't ever want to. It was so compact in the back seat and the plexy glass partition was very creepy.  I met the perfect state patrol guy because he said "Should we play a trick on your sister?"

I got chills of happiness. Here was my chance to play a character in the back of a squad.  I was so excited. "Yes, of course, what's your plan?"  As we pulled up in the state trooper squad, I waved at Linda from the back of the car.  She looked like she had seen a ghost. The trooper put his window down and spoke to her window to window. " Mam, I'm taking her in." 

Ahem, these are the days.  Mama told me there would be days like this.


  1. I love the story about running into that police officer and playing a trick on your sister. And how wild is it that those baseballs were flying at you...were you on the pitcher's hit list or did the catcher just tip them in your direction? Well...I understand having those kind of days. Love the video ;) Cheers!! Jenn.

  2. LOL, that post had me grinning as I read it! I absolutely loved it!!


  3. Definitely a day to have stayed in bed, my friend! Oh my! LoLs @ playing the trick on your sis, sounds like something I would do to my brother! The balls, though? Maybe one of your son's teammates has it out for you because you served him the wrong type of cookies at the last practice? Otherwise, I say tithe. Go give some change to a homeless man or something, that way rocks don't start falling out of the sky on you! Sheesh...what a day!

  4. Anonymous15/6/11 13:16

    Too funny! My guess is that your sister will now take her turn at putting one over on you. Watch out! :O)

  5. Word Nerd,Kel,Kathy and Jenn
    Your comments really made me laugh girls. I do work with homeless families and children so hopefully I don't to do too much tithing. I do think my twin will get me back.