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Friday, April 29, 2011

Our Bloomington Boys or B2

Life is such a gift.  It seems that everything in life comes full circle. Perhaps it is because when we age, we know what is important and we go for it.  I write of a friendship that goes back to when I was a young middle-schooler.  I remember being at a Kix soccer game at the "old Metro dome" in Minneapolis, MN.  As my friends and I stood at the fence looking onto the field, we heard a loud commotion.  It was Randy Triplett and his buddy Tom Elvidge trying to vy for our attention.  They nick named us " The Minnetonka Girls and we nick named them " The Bloomington Boys.   And so it goes.........................

The boys wanted our number so we could connect. I think they were excited we lived on Lake Minnetonka.  Myself and my buddy Lynn Verville, decided it was best for us to take their numbers. Well, we not only called them a few weeks later, but became fast friends and buddies.  They introduced us to other Bloomington Boys,  Ron Thorud and Mike Elvidge.  We hung out more with them than we did our buddies from our own school.  History was made with the Bloomington Boys and the Minnetonka Girls becoming close friends.  Yes, of course their were some love crushes too.

 Time went by and as high school began for all of us, we saw each other less and less.  Meeting up once and a while was a great treat.  By now, we were all dating others and some marrying.  Ron was the first to marry, and others in serious relationships. Many years went by without meeting or connecting.  Most of us married, some not and life took over. 

Recently, one of the Bloomington boy's found me on facebook.  I thought I'd died and went to heaven.  It has been so much fun.  Once I was friended by Tom, I friended Randy and so it goes.  Just today I wrote them all an email.  We are all feeling giddy in our reunion.  Now that we have shared our lives on facebook, emails and over the phone, we need to get together. I am now coordinating a reunion.  I know it has been great for myself and my twin sister Linda to be talking and emailing The Bloomington Boys again.

I just emailed all of them and let them know I am in the process of writing a mystery series which they are characters in. Life just does not get any better.


  1. How cool you were able to catch up like that on Facebook. I think the one thing I really LOVE about Facebook is all the lost connections I've been able to find and rekindle. And there have been a few reunions, which is always so much fun!!

    Keep us posted on how the reunion goes...Cheers, Jenn

  2. Jenn,
    I am so glad were following each other's blogs. I wrote to you on what your going thru. I think it may be panic attacks. Please read what I wrote as I think Linda and I can be a great support to you on what to do. I am glad you have a plan with physician, but ask him or her for an anti anxiety med. It is called alprolazam, we take it before panic sets in and it works wonders for us.

  3. How cool that you all could reconnect! Ah, the beauty of Face Book!! Great blog! It is wonderful that you can create new memories with this great bunch of friends from your youth!