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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Top Ten Things Not To Say or Do To Identical Twins

  1. Your so much cuter than your twin.
  2. Don't ever take sides when twins are in the middle of a fight..... That would be your bad...They will doubly turn on you.  @###@@**#
  3. My name is Laura, not twin,thank you very much.
  4. One Birthday cake for both of us? Puke
  5. Don't gossip about one twin to the other lest you want double trouble. ##@@#**#
  6. Matching outfits mom? What were you thinking?
  7. Which one of you is smarter?
  8. Your definately the more outgoing or social twin.  errrrrrr
  9. Why are you asking me that?  That is between you and her. " Oh, but your like the same person. "

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