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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What's in My Future?

I love spring and all that goes with it, especially in our charming neighborhood culdesac.  How bout that Minnesota spring day yesterday huh? The sun was shining bright  like nobody's business.  My neighborhood was buzzing with kids, moms and parents, cyclists, runners and more of those simple but ever so lovely conversations that I  treasure so.   This is what I live for, the conversations, the connections, the parent stories, validations and support.  This is " Stoopin It" weather at it's most exciting point since we have only had a couple of nice sunny warm days at 40 degrees here in the western suburbs of Minnesota.   Can you picture it?  Scads of kids in  their summer attire in the  neighbors driveway next door, filling air into many of the neighborhood kids bike tires, tightening up old worn down and loose screws on the old bikes and very happy childrens faces.  Yes, those faces of the children, how excited they are about getting out the bikes, the clothes and the neighborhood back together again after a Loooooong winters nap.  Here in Minnesota, we all pretty much disappear and really many of us do not like the snow. We hibernate in our homes when it is cold. 
I really do not care where we live, what race, religion, culture,  income bracket we come from, we really all do just want to connect on some level.  You look into peoples eyes at this time of year and there is a JOY that could only come from the melt down.  Most of our snow is gone. 

Anyway, here is what is in the future for my neighborhood now that spring is springing up again.   In my future I can see my family, friends, neighbors at the bonfire, kids playing outside games like, Ghost in the Graveyard,  four square, basketball, wall ball and more.......

Please let me know what spring is like where your from, what games do the children play in your neighborhood, on your stoop, around or beyond your fence, gate, yard, alley,  apartment, condo  HUH?  Please let me know.  It will be fun to have comments.

"If we are to have real peace, we must begin with the children"


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