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Saturday, March 6, 2010

A stones Throw Away

Aren't I too young to have kidney stones? I guess not because I have suffered for almost one full week with them... I have not been able to sleep in my own bed and have been sleeping, sitting up on my recliner. I have missed three days of work and have been falling on the floor writhing in pain. I am a stones throw away from "crazyville". Lesson learned: Drink 64 ounces or eight glasses of water each day like we all have heard. This is my preaching to the choir sermon because I do not want anyone to suffer with these little grain like stones that can turn your life upside down. Ok, enough of me feeling sorry for myself, but I want you to know, I have been diligent at drinking my water as of late. Thank God for my homeopathic chiroprator who gave me an elixir to heal my, or should I say dissolve my little stones away. Thanks Doc Nasheroo.

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