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Saturday, March 13, 2010

The W Hotel in Minneapolis- Within the Foshay Tower

Part of my job description at Perspectives Inc. as a director of volunteers, is to recruit local chefs who teach cooking skills to our at -risk youth from k-6th grade.  I love to cook myself and so recruiting local chefs for such an amazing cause is Heaven to me. The chefs in the twin cities are so willing to give to children of poverty.  I see the best of the best in humanity by the outpouring of support that I get from our local chefs and restaurants. Here are just some of the venues that support our kids to name a few: Figlios, Lord Fletchers, Joes Garage, Burger Jones, McCormick and Schmicks, Chipotle, Oceanaire, Bucca, Hopkins American Legion,  and more.  Tonight, I went to Manny's steak house with my family for the purpose to recruit a local chef from Manny's or Parosole' and what a fun experience we had.  Parasole owns many restaurants including Manny's and they have participated in fundraising efforts for us. I would rate our dining experience on a scale from 1-10, with ten being at the top, as an absolute ten.  We loved the steak, the cheesy hashbrowns, asparagus, bearnaise sauce, sauteed mushrooms and their variety of bread is top notch.  I talked to Mike, the G.M. and we discussed the opportunity for his chef staff to come on out and cook for our kids.  Mike said that he really likes to work for Parosole since the company is very much in to the community giving aspect for their employees. 

I love to peope watch, do you?  I sat on a brown leather lounge chair with a soft silver pillow on it at the W hotel while my family went up the elevator to look down from the observation deck.  They loved it by the way, a fun thing to do with friends or family.  They charge eight dollors a head to observe the city scape and I guess it was well worth it.  While they did that, I found myself  observing everyone that walked by me.  From a beautiful dark skinned woman that looked like a lady of the night with a gentleman, to the down to earth couple in Khacki's that looked young in their relationship.  What a perfect night.

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