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Friday, March 19, 2010

"Stoopin It" weather is here

Yesterday was amazing.  Our first real "stoopin it" weather where we could sit on the stoop on our mesh sport chairs, feeling the warmth of the wind brush against our face.  Many of the neighbor kids were over in our yard playing football, the first of the season because all the snow was gone.  Again, the buzz of the neighborhood was palpable and the kids were at our house, playing on our swing, on our hammock, and playing basketball at the hoop.   It reminded me of my childhood where the kids,  most of the time were at our house playing in our yard and just hanging out.  My dad was so cool and loved the buzz of all the children at his home, and I feel the same way. 

Also, I  had all the neighbors over the other night for my twin sisters' six year, cancer- free anniversary party. Yes, these are my awesome neighbors that inspired my blog.  See pictures of the party to left of this post. I can't believe it has been six years since the utter hell of finding out my twin had lung cancer. She was never a smoker, so what an absolute shock.  My twinster now lives with myself and my two young children and we would have it no other way. Our lives are so much richer with her living here.  She works out of our home for a creative marketing firm, is a blogger and nannies my two  amazing children.  She has the responsibility of driving my kids to their sports, school activities and so on. This lets me feel stress- free while I am working outside of the home.  I am truly blessed.  Back to the party I had for Linda, on her cancer- free anniversary, which is St. Patrick's day, a hard one to forget.  I had a pink gorilla over to do a comedy skit and perform a singing telegram for her. I think it was unforgettable.  How could we ever forget a pink gorilla.  He was such a nice older man that just made my sis feel like it was a down home act.  He sang songs from my fathers generation and it made my heart feel so warm. Please check out his link on my blog.

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