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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Morning Song

I tried to ignore my alarm clock but to no avail, it was much too loud. My better judgement, which this morning was telling me to stay in my warm bed gave way to the reality of the days events and schedules. I forced my body up slowly and away from the comfort of my freshly washed comforter to prepare myself for a training that I was to lead later in the day. Bananna and water bottle in hand, I was now half ready to face the day. I grabbed my bright red luggage cart with my training materials and overhead and out the door I went. The training was titled (in my updated curriculum) "How to effectively use your anger as an ally to fuel positive relationships". As I crawled lethargically into my chilly Jeep Cherokee, I noticed a familiar yet beautiful sound. I looked around and saw a rainbow of colored birds singing high in the trees. The birds were gently rocking on the branches that the wind took on as its own child. I took a second look and to my surprise, I noticed it was a beautiful Red Cardinal and Robin back for a new adventure as spring awakened. I felt gratitude in this moment. I felt I had recieved a gift, a free gift offered up by nature that let me experience a private concert in my own front yard. How perfect: A morning serenade.
A morning song from nature made especially for me.

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