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Friday, December 27, 2013

A Strangers' Act of Kindness At Christmas Time

It was Monday, the day before Christmas Eve around 1:00 P.M. in the afternoon. I was thankful I had the ability to take paid time off from work. The hustle and bustle of the season was in full force. My two teenage children and I headed out to Target to shop on our very limited Christmas budget. Many stressed out shoppers were honking their horns and the noise level inside Target was "Holiday High."

Believe it or not, this was my first time out Christmas shopping. It's easy to wait until the last minute when you know you have little funds to work with. Money is tight but I felt the spirit of Christmas all around me. I love the bright twinkling lights around town and the snow as it falls on this Christmas eve, eve.  I witnessed families rushing around the store in search for the perfect treasure for their loved ones. I feel at this point in my life, I know the true meaning of Christmas. To me it's not the presents around the tree but those loved ones around the tree and all the blessings that come from having food, clothing and a home.

 I knew as a single mother that my gift choices this year had to be carefully thought out. I told my children to show me around the store and pick out their top (three to five) gifts for Christmas. The kids knew the budget was smaller this year, but what they didn't know was I would pay for gifts from two Target gift cards a friend bought for me. I thought to myself how special it would be if  I could afford taking them out for a festive lunch afterwards, but knew I just couldn't do it.

My cart was filled with the gifts I needed to pick from. I felt my body tense up as I knew it was "go time."  I told my son to go out to the car with his sister and pull up at the front and I'd be out soon. I planned my strategy and took one of the last lanes near the door so I wouldn't be embarrassed if I came up short and had to put some gifts back.

I  guesstimated how much money I had on my two Target cards and laid down the items I thought I could pay for, leaving most of them in the cart. The cashier said,"Your fifteen dollars short mam." I put my hand on my chin and let him know I needed to think which gift my daughter wanted most. He restated the balance I needed to make up. I could feel my face turning red and noticed the long line of folks behind me. I prayed I could quickly figure out which gift was less, so people wouldn't get impatient and angry. I dug in my coin purse and saw a whopping fifty cents. I knew I had no money to spare in my bank account because I needed it for rent in a few days.

Taking out one of the gifts for my daughter, I asked the cashier if I had enough to pay for what was left.   As he was ready to answer me, I heard the woman behind me say, "sir, I would like to pay the difference. Is this a gift for someone, she asked me?"  "Yes, it's a Christmas gift for my daughter." The kind woman says, " I really want to do this for you- please let me buy this gift for your daughter." I answered, "Oh thank you so much but I can't let you do that." She tells me she really wants to do this good deed for me and it would make her Christmas. I could feel a warm rush of love flow through me, and the worry and embarrassment melt away. I knew she was a blessing that God put in my path at just the right time. I thanked her profusely and asked if I could hug her. After giving her a huge embrace, I shared that I was a single mother of two great teenage kids. I couldn't hold back hugging her again and the smile on her face told me we both made each others' Christmas. The cashier was welling up with tears and said, "I've heard about beautiful stories like this but have never personally witnessed it."  I was overflowing with love and joy and asked her for her name. "My name is Jana." "Thank you so much Jana, I will make sure to pay it forward as soon as I can."

I looked behind me at the long line of people waiting to pay for their gifts. Instead of them looking impatient and  irritated, they now wore big smiles and looks of wonder on their faces. As I finished up my transaction with the cashier, Jana said, "here, do something nice for yourself." She put a $20 dollar bill in my hand. I threw my arms around her and wished her a very Merry Christmas. I took one last look at the long line behind us and noticed people were teary eyed. My eyes were welled up and I was ready to just burst into tears.

I walked out the front door of the store and waited for my son to pick me up. As I poured myself in the car, I couldn't hold back the tears. The children looked at me with confusion and asked what was going on. I shared the touching story of the compassionate stranger, and soon the three of us were blubbering. We were full of gratitude and were reminded of the true meaning of Christmas. I got my wish and then some, I thought to myself. Jana wanted me to do something for myself-what better than spending the money going out to lunch with my kids at their favorite Deli. During lunch we made a heart felt toast to Jana and her wonderful act of kindness.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Stoopininthe Suburbs: Zach Sobiech Clouds Song at Mall of America

Tonight as I lie in bed, I feel so very moved, grateful and blessed. Last night my twin sister and I were honored to be a part of something so meaningful. We performed in the largest choir in history at the Mall of America in Minnesota.

Zach Sobiech wrote the song "Clouds" before his death. It went viral fast. Zach brought so many people together last night in his honor. The mall was standing room only and packed the house on all four floors of the Mall of America.

This inspiring young man died at the age of 18 from bone cancer. He is the reason we all sang our hearts out last night at the mall. We sang his song "Clouds".  My sister and I were on the third floor.  Everywhere you turned,  people were sobbing, singing, and feeling a part of something so big. The Holy Spirit was ever present and we could feel Holy Ghost Goosebumps.

My twin sister and I held each other as we sang Zach's song in unison with hundreds of others.  We were there to honor Zach, but also to celebrate others who have lost the battle for cancer and those that are survivors.  My twin sister is a cancer survivor. Here we were helping raise funds for kids cancer. We stood there knowing what a momentous moment in time this was. She could have been gone as the doctors predicted. They gave her a 20-25% of surviving five years. CANCER SUCKS!!

This night will forever stay in my heart and I will remember the powerful, vibrant energy of love that was so thick and palpable. Please watch the video I took from the third floor.

My twin sister and I will never forget this night as long as we live.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Announcing the Launch of Book II in the series of 'Mysterious and Miraculous'

What an incredible Christmas season this is going to be. Book II of the 'Mysterious and Miraculous' series has just been published.
I am honored to announce that both my twin sister and I have our own stories of the Supernatural, Miraculous and Mysterious in this second book of the series. We are humbled to be among a cast of amazing writers. The book was made possible because of the time and talent of Michael Friedman of Mockingbird Press.
 This is one of those captivating books that you can't put down once you've started reading the incredible stories. The book is a great holiday gift because it's rich with meaning and inspiration. The book is filled with true stories that will blow your mind. They are stories of miracles, paranormal, hope and mystery. You will come away feeling inspired and energized.
 Can you envision it now: Your reading the book as you sit in your cozy living area on your favorite recliner. You have your warm fleece blanket over your lap as you sip your favorite holiday cocktail. It doesn't get better than this! The book is already available for sale on Legacy Archives Foundation Book Shoppe and it's associated information page is also up and ready to receive visitors. Eventually, when enough books sell, it will become available on hard copy.
 One of the biggest reasons I was compelled to contribute my own spiritual story is because of the important cause. 70% of the proceeds of this book will go to 'Support Homeless Veterans' Organization. Captain Mike, our wonderful Editor and Publisher from Mockingbird press has also built in a page that allows active duty veterans of allied forces to get a free copy of each book we produce in PDF format. I hope if you don't buy one of these books for yourself, you will consider buying one for a friend or family member. It's such an honor to be a contributing scribe in this team of exceptional writers, editors, photographers and everyone else who donated their time and talent to this endeavor.

 *E-Books can be purchased at


Friday, November 22, 2013

Holiday Volunteering

"Volunteers make the world go round."Yes, this is my motto, as I believe volunteers do so much good in the world. I have been in the role of Director of Volunteers for over ten years now. I feel rejuvenated about humanity each year since volunteers have given to so many organizations in need. The numbers have sky rocketed with 64.3 reported Americans volunteering through an organization of their choice. Minnesota and the Twin Cities area is one of the top areas of volunteerism. In Minneapolis-St. Paul,the trends look like this: 37% of residents volunteer bringing in 86.5 million total volunteer hours. This is an impressive number by anyone's standards.
 During the holidays many feel inspired to help and volunteer. Did you know that organizations are looking to see if you have volunteered? Think about how hiring managers feel when they scan your resume and see you have given back to the community and volunteered. This piece of information goes a long way. Perhaps this holiday season, you could think about a cause you believe in and make the leap. What would be your top cause and how would you go about researching this?
 As a Director of Volunteer Services, many of the volunteers I bring on found my organization, Ebenezer on Volunteer Match. Now that you know how to do it, just reach out and volunteer. You will be bringing on smiles and connections to those that are in need. Good luck and know you are making a big impact.
 Happy holidays.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ann's Precious Baby Girl

The empty chair stood proud and stately in the baby's parlor. The beautiful vintage oak rocking chair reeked with character. The smell of baby powder filled the air. The diaper rack neatly displayed all the needed baby supplies: Cloth and disposable diapers, ointments, safety pins, wet wipes etc. On the wall hung a picture of mom and baby. A framed animal picture hung over a wooden floor that was splashed with bright colors.

Safely tucking baby into her crib, mother heard the doorbell ring. She softly whispered "sweet dreams baby" and shut the door quietly behind her. Ann opened the front door and saw her good friend, Erin. "I've been really worried about you Ann. You haven't been answering your home phone or answering my text's. Is everything alright?"

Erin handed over a pile of mail into her friend’s hands as she entered the front door. "Thanks, you didn't have to do that" she said in a monotone voice. Ann offered her friend a soda or cup of tea. "I'd love a can of diet Pepsi if you have it." The two friends sat in the kitchen nook and began chatting and catching up on things.

Not fifteen minutes into their visit, Ann told Erin she needed to check on the baby. "I'll be right back; I think I hear Courtney fussing." When Ann came back she was cradling her bundle of joy in a pink, hand-made quilt. "I am so sorry Erin, I'll have to end our visit because Courtney hasn't been feeling well and she really needs her sleep." Can you let yourself out while I lay Courtney back down in her crib?" "Oh, of course Ann, I understand, but please, call me soon so we can set up a girls night out." Erin gave Ann a quick hug and started towards the door.

Erin realized she needed the ladies room before the thirty minute drive home. "I really have to stop drinking pop" she said to herself. Thinking it might be a while before seeing Ann and the newborn baby, she turned to peek into the baby's nursery before using the bathroom.

Ann was looking down at her baby in the crib and singing the most beautiful lullaby. "Ann, I just had to come in and give the baby a kiss before I left." Ann didn't say a word and had an empty, glazed look in her eyes. Erin let out a gasp when she leaned down to kiss the baby. There, tucked into the beautiful blanket, was a store bought, baby girl doll.

@ Laura Rogers

Saturday, August 31, 2013

dVerse Poets~Slogan About Me

"Be Who You Are & Let It Shine"- Laura Rogers

Our dVerse Poets prompt is all about slogans and what they mean. Remember the NIKE slogan, "Just Do it"?

Think about what your personal slogan is and what it would say. I chose: "Be Who You Are & Let it Shine."
Let me explain why I wrote this slogan and what it Say's about me. At my age, I have learned a lot. Some from joyful moments and many things from painful experiences.

My philosophy is to be yourself. If people don't like you, well then it's there problem. The older I get, the more I come into myself and who I really am. I am not trying to please others like I did when I was younger. I feel blessed in my life. I am surrounded by only friends that support me and love me for who I am. I had to learn the hard way about who my true friends really were? It takes too much energy to be who others want you to be and it is not healthy.

The confidence I have in myself at this age, lets me even be snarky at times. I used to be so careful to say the right things, not offend anyone, be the perfect person. Those days are gone and it is not a bad thing. I think I grew up and realized that we can't please everyone, so you may as well just shine on others who you really are.

I am blessed and feel the important things in my life are my creator, my family and friends and of course my health. Life is great and I am so grateful for all that I have. So, I guess to be true to oneself is a way of life for me.

I hope you all feel blessed like I do, and let your light shine and be who you really are. God made each of us different for a reason.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Life is about transition

Hi Wonderful Blogger Buds,
Today I sit at my kitchen table looking out at nature for the last weekend at my home. Yes, life is all about joy, pain, transition. Change in life is inevitable. I think change is something that I have learned to embrace since I have had my fair share of it. Change can be good, it's all in your attitude. I guess you could call me Queen of Transition. OK, perhaps I am getting a little full of myself. Please do forgive me.

I have lived in this single family home in the western suburbs since October of 1999. Back then, I was a married woman with two amazing children. My husband B and I separated in 2002. It was my decision tough, albeit the right decision. My lovely children and I have lived here the entire time. This house has been the one consistent in their life all these years. Now, we have to say goodbye.

My son J is taking it the hardest as he made his very best friend here in the cul de sac on Halloween 1999. I will never forget knocking on the door on Halloween and the door opening to an excited mom. "Are you the new neighbors we have heard about?" My husband B and I explained we had just moved in.  The mother who opened the door I now consider a very good friend and truly an amazing human being. We actually dubbed her "The Perfect Mom."  She called out to her son K who then hid behind her as she introduced him to the new boy next door. That memory feels like it was just yesterday. Ummmmmmm, it has been such an honor living in this charming neighborhood. Thanks be to God.

 I am feeling extreme gratitude for being a single mom all these years and praising God he had us living so close to so many loving, caring and fun neighbors. Thankfully, due to God keeping his eye on us, we had almost signed the dotted line for a home out near Lake Minnetonka, 20 minutes from the house and the neighbors we have always known. After the owner jacking me around on the price of the home and continually changing important issues, I graciously declined for our families highest good.

 Moving forward  trepidaciously, I fell upon a home that was down the street about one mile and decided to take a look. I had called for a showing and my identical twin sister who lives with my kids and I said, don't bother as the price is too high. I reminded her why all my best buds over the years have called me Norma Rae. I appealed to her sense of challenge and retorted "I will talk them down and the home is right down the street. The kids will literally be in the same neighborhood and the pain won't be as excruciating." I think that got to her Auntie Mamma heart and she agreed we should go take a look see. She is however, the golden sister who has helped raise my kids over the last ten years.

 My sister L had been diagnosed with lung cancer and never smoked, back in 2004, the same year my divorce was final. God has such a funny sense of humor. We invited her in to live with us and took care of her while she recovered from lung surgery.  They took out her right middle lobe and they found she had some spread in her trachea and bronchi lymph nodes. She then went through very intense chemotherapy and radiation. Here we are ten years later happy as the Cleavers. She needed the kids and I, I needed her, and we financially could do things for the kids I could never have done alone as a single mom. OK, onto the meat of my story.

I saw a for sale sign the day before I almost signed off on the other home. Guess what, we were one of the first people to see it. It was love at first viewing. It was everything we had hoped for and we could stay in our neighborhood. Yes, J would still be sad since he could not just walk right next door and knock on the S door like he has since he was a toddler, but hey, we were so close. The kids could literally ride their bike on the trail and be at our new home in a matter of minutes. The other sell to the kids, the house was even closer to the mall. Yes!!!

Well, we signed on the dotted line and move in next month before school starts. Ya know, you just can't make this stuff up. All of us are so happy knowing we are staying close to the great neighbors that inspired this blog in the first place. We will continue to stoop it, although it may be"Stoopin it on a deck."  Here's to new beginnings. CHEERS!!! Come "stoop it" with us at our new abode.
                                          Home In Minnetonka since 1999

New Home come August 1

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Alchemy- Dverse Poets

Mission moving forward
Powered pure intention
Prayer, long, hard, arduous

Fear not, But deliver us from evil
Let only pure love lie within
            Gleaming throughout humanity

Tortured souls vacuum up low consciousness
Spitting stank, vermin
Loud wales





Upward raised
Quantum leap
Energy transformed
Alchemy's playground
Dearth to gold
Amalgamated to Higher God Consciousness
Pure, Collective Unity, Light

Laura Rogers Arne

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Road To Peace

I am grateful for freedom
God has healed us in love

My life was so sad
Stagnant, oppressive, black, devoid of light

God's pure divine love shown a path of supernatural might
Life is a gift, I see it clear now

No longer crouching under the table
I stand powerful, strong and tall

The mice in my dreams are gone; they scattered away
I stand up proud on top of the table
To hurt me with violence; you are not able

I give you no power, only bask in the light
The violent words, actions, and deeds
No longer a fright

The voice within me~was so small, scared and stuck
Stepped out of oppression and out of the muck.

I glide ever freely to that which is right
I live in the power of God in pure light

I give you no power, no attention, no rhyme
I say NO to violence of any kind

I say yes to peace, sweet peace in my life
Never going to make that mistake twice

Only cowards use coercion, blame, control and  power
Just a bug on the wall, a shadow shell of a man

Who chose not his family, but his hard, hellish hand

Written for dVerse Poets Pub
Cut Poetry Method

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

This Road Called Life

If you acknowledge & prepare for this
Life and the road aren't always bliss

Gratitude, thanks and and a positive attitude
Are not just days of old, platitudes

Get right with him, place the good/bad at the altar
You will stay in perfect balance and will not falter

Appreciate all you have been given and bless
Life gets better and you will find you need less

The journey of life is a gift you see
The more you give out, the more comes back to thee

© Laura Rogers Arne

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


In corners of periphery;
Black shadowed ghouls in misery

The darkness cold and shivering;
dark, lost souls spew relentlessly,

Feed off fear, power, control;
To drive them mad; it takes it's toll,


The divine light emanates in; 
Enfolding,engulfing, surrounding them,

In every crack, crevice, space and place;
Out pours pure love and Jesus Grace,

 We turn to see heart and hands on fire;
transmuting darkness into light,

Supernatural power of God;
Nothing as pure, as loving or bright,

Thank you for your light that reigns over dark;
All it takes is pure intentions, prayer and a spark

Jesus Christ my savior and king;
Your power and might cover everything


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mothers Day 2013

What a grand Mothers Day. Spending time with family is everything. My amazing children, my sister who has helped me raise my children in my home for nine years, and Devon Worley who is like my adopted daughter spent quality time today on mothers day.

We started out the day going to the Farmers Market on Lyndale Avenue in Minneapolis. We ate some of our favorite foods including: Corn on the Cob, French Fries and Soft Tacos. Great Reggae music played in the background, and the families buzzed around the vendors jewelry, crafts, and food.

We left the Market and landed at West End and did some window shopping and had a delightful meal at ROHO Mexican Restaurant. The sun was shining bright and it was a lovely day out if you were under the sun's direct rays.

We returned home to wonderful gifts for both mommies. We received lovely smelling body sprays and lotions wrapped in a beautiful pink bag. The kids seemed so genuinely excited to spend time with us and give us these gifts.

I feel so blessed in life. I can't imagine my life journey without kids. They have made me a better human being. I am so grateful. Thank you God for these precious jewels who you have given in my care.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Prom: A Night for a Mom to Remember

Fifty years old in January and this! OK, so, my son had his first prom this year. When did I get so old because....

His Junior prom was more exciting for me than for him. I know men and women see things differently, but really????? He was calm as a cuke and I had butterflies. What?

You heard me. But. I am guessing I am not the only one who has felt this way. Please Please tell me I am not alone in this.

I want to know if you have sent a child off to prom and how your daughter or son reacted and how long it took her/him to prepare for the big night?

I think it took Jacob all of about ten minutes to get ready. What's your story?

My son Jacob and I-He pinned me with a flower during pictures at Lafayette Country Club. (Sweaty Eyeballs) No worries, It didn't hurt~ Hee Hee

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring Day

May day? yes, May 1st, should be sunny, warm and breezy
Minnesota record breaker, snow, ice and rain

Cuts deep into Minnesotans morale, that want, need spring!
too much winter in Midwest, done are we

Blinding sun bring to me~ with birdies loudly singing
blowing blades of grass breezing, billowing, & babbling Brooks
water, warm feel to tosies, wiggling in their wake

Staring down the waters earth, clear, rocks, fish
beaching babes building castles
pails, shovels, Giggling, gagling, boys and girls

Runners, joggers, round the path, heavily huffing happily
walkers tuned into talk, intense, joyous gate

Ring Ring. Dreamsicles, bomb pops, dogs and dillies
But instead.....

Cruel spring creates cycles of contravention
curbing cooperation to our chagrin


Weather maker? When will Spring Really Begin?

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ebenezer Volunteers Rock

Volunteer Recognition Luncheon 2013 has come and gone. What has not gone, is the compassion, dedication, and talent that volunteers gave in 2012 and carries over to 2013.  Ebenezer volunteers gave over 29000 hours dedicated to our seniors in many different areas including but not limited to:
  • Escorting residents to meals, beauty shop appointments, chapel, Adult Day Program, Parties
  • Shopping Outings with residents
  • Gardening opportunities
  • Cashiering at the gift shop 
  • Administrative Assistance
  • Nursing
  • Cleaning 
  • Performing for the residents singing, dancing, playing piano...
These angels on earth help Ebenezer fulfill the mission of:
   Helping older adults and others make their lives more independent, healthful, meaningful and secure. 
As the new Director of Volunteer Services at Ebenezer, my first Volunteer event happened last week after being there since only January 29th. Overall, I think it was a very successful event, but there is always room for improvement. The objective for any volunteer recognition event is to recognize the great work volunteers are achieving. They perform many of the same tasks that employees do, but volunteers are not paid financially.

The venue was at St. Mary's University Event Center, formally the Shriner's Building. My guest speaker was Paul Douglas, a man I call friend, and an amazing speaker who genuinely cares about others. He wowed the residents with his interesting stories about everything weather and then some. He talked about how Steven Speilberg came to him asking for his digital weather programs for a new and upcoming movie called Jurassic Park. Well Paul said yes and is now widely known for his weather and alert technology that is second to none. Go to the link:

The theme this year for the recognition was "Volunteers Plant Seeds of Kindness."  Each place setting included a program  colored with flowers from my photography portfolio, watering pitcher with flower seeds and potting soil as the parting gift. Each volunteer picked a number when they entered which gave them a chance at a gift from local businesses.  Each table had a bouquet of colorful Azaleas and a napkin which mimicked the color of the Ebenezer Logo.

I hired an incredible harpist who played before and during lunch. I highly recommend her since she is an up and coming performer and a high school student who made the event feel like heaven. Her name is Molly Rinkenberger and is a student at the Perpich Center for the Arts. I had gone to see her performance two months before the event and knew straight away she was perfect for the event.

I created a PowerPoint presentation as my back drop for the large stage set with palms on each side. My harpist was on the far right of the stage.  I had Lancer Catering service serving the food which was mouth watering and the service came with great care and a smile. I had a line up of speakers which included myself, CEO/President Mark Thomas, Campus Director Joel Prevost, Paul Douglas Guest Speaker and Chaplain Don Knutson who facilitated the Devotional Prayer. The meal was set up buffet style and volunteers were able to line up on both sides. I announced volunteer awards based on 1000-2000 hours of service.

Staff at Ebenezer helped from set up to take down. I feel grateful for working with an incredible team and am proud to be an Ebenezer employee. Well, now to next year executing the plan and strategy for Volunteer Recognition 2014. Thanks to all the volunteers, sponsors, vendors and staff for making this day so special to our volunteer staff.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Paul Douglas Puts Wintery Image I Captured on Star Tribune Blog

I must say, that Paul Douglas has a great sense of humor. Touring me last month at his spectacular weather studio was a treat to say the least. He is my guest speaker for my upcoming Volunteer Recognition Event on Thursday, April 25, 2013 for Ebenezer. Ebenezer Minneapolis Campus, part of Fairview Health Service is host to over 29000 volunteer hours per year. These generous givers are the glue that make us a great as we serve our senior population.

Last night, as on too many other occasions this month, we have had a heavy spring snow fall. We Minnesotans are not too happy at this time of year,dealing with the white stuff. Well, last night I just could not help myself as I watched in disgust as snow fell and layered our earth once again.

What a perfect time to tease Paul Douglas, senior meteorologist. I know how busy he is at these severe weather storm times in Minnesota. I emailed him something to the tune of  "Paul, how could you do this to us? Is it winter or spring? I sent him pictures of my stoop at my home showing him how deep the snow was and how ridiculous it looked at this time of year.

He graciously let me know that he put my snow covered stoop picture up on his Star Tribune Blog. He assured me that come Sunday, Minnesota will have something to smile about. Yes, seventy degree weather being served up for all.

I will take this prize Mr. Douglas. Thanks for being such a good sport. I don't know which of us gets more slack in their profession: You as a Senior Weatherman, or I as a psychotherapist.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Monster~Poem~dVerse Poets

Embedded deeply inside the caverns of the collective unconscious;
Furloughed thick lines of memories laid;
Dark & Light shades, spun in our minds web;
Archetypal imagery for all ages laden;
Designed before us, we have our choice;
Free will offering, it's up to you;
Light or Dark; Angel or Monster?
Keep it hidden and tight
Open and Light

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Paul Douglas Keeps Our Seniors Safe

Today, I had the privilege to meet Paul Douglas at his impressive weather studio based in the Twin Cities. Paul is a valued vendor at Ebenezer Minneapolis Campus. Easy to talk to, down to earth and knowledgeable about everything weather, he was an enchanting tour guide for me as I took in all the sights and sounds of digital weather. 

He graciously accepted the invitation as guest speaker for the Annual Volunteer Recognition Luncheon I am hosting in April. My role as Director of Volunteers gives me the honor of organizing the event that recognizes these valued volunteers. The Volunteer event is just one small way of doing this. This year the theme for the luncheon is "Volunteers Plant Seeds of Kindness."

The mission of Ebenezer is to help older adults and others, make their lives more independent, healthful, meaningful and secure. Volunteers are the cornerstone of Ebenezers' mission. We know that without these compassionate, dedicated individuals, Ebenezer could not do the quality work we pride ourselves in. Last year our volunteers brought in over 29,000 hours of volunteer service.

Paul, a senior meteorologist and founder of Media Logic Group, stated that he has been interested and passionate about weather and weather patterns, since he was fourteen years old. He and a team of meteorologists provide 24/7 weather service at his new National Weather Channel. This important venue, provides weather services for media at Broadcast Weather and high tech alerting and briefing services through Alerts Broadcaster. Paul Travels around the Midwest speaking about the weather and his innovative ways of understanding weather patterns in these current times. Paul's  weather prowess is here to serve all businesses, no matter what business it is you're involved in. For Ebenezer, his important work in weather is a natural, practical and safe choice for our senior housing.

Among his many accolades, too many to name here, he is also the public face of the important SAVE, suicide Awareness, Voices of Education, based in Bloomington. Thank you Paul for the great work your doing personally, locally, nationally, and for helping our senior community at Ebenezer.

I eagerly look forward to April 25th in our united effort to recognize our amazing resident and community volunteers.

Laura Rogers Arne, M.A.
Director of Volunteers
Ebenezer Minneapolis Campus