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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring Day

May day? yes, May 1st, should be sunny, warm and breezy
Minnesota record breaker, snow, ice and rain

Cuts deep into Minnesotans morale, that want, need spring!
too much winter in Midwest, done are we

Blinding sun bring to me~ with birdies loudly singing
blowing blades of grass breezing, billowing, & babbling Brooks
water, warm feel to tosies, wiggling in their wake

Staring down the waters earth, clear, rocks, fish
beaching babes building castles
pails, shovels, Giggling, gagling, boys and girls

Runners, joggers, round the path, heavily huffing happily
walkers tuned into talk, intense, joyous gate

Ring Ring. Dreamsicles, bomb pops, dogs and dillies
But instead.....

Cruel spring creates cycles of contravention
curbing cooperation to our chagrin


Weather maker? When will Spring Really Begin?


  1. Your poem lifted me up even after the Minnesota weather. It was a really cruel joke to have snow on May day. I actually videotaped it and took pics. I put a couple of the pics on my poem. You did a great job of reminding us what spring should be like. Thanks for that.

  2. oh no fun...i think we have finally broken through to the other side and found it...but i was wondering...we had april snow which was unusual...hope it happens for you soon...

  3. Believe me, I share your hopes. Out here in remotest New Mexico it is windy and brown broken by the usual April snow shower. However, I am beginning to glimpse patches of green here and there. May this happen to you very soon.