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Monday, May 6, 2013

Prom: A Night for a Mom to Remember

Fifty years old in January and this! OK, so, my son had his first prom this year. When did I get so old because....

His Junior prom was more exciting for me than for him. I know men and women see things differently, but really????? He was calm as a cuke and I had butterflies. What?

You heard me. But. I am guessing I am not the only one who has felt this way. Please Please tell me I am not alone in this.

I want to know if you have sent a child off to prom and how your daughter or son reacted and how long it took her/him to prepare for the big night?

I think it took Jacob all of about ten minutes to get ready. What's your story?

My son Jacob and I-He pinned me with a flower during pictures at Lafayette Country Club. (Sweaty Eyeballs) No worries, It didn't hurt~ Hee Hee


  1. Dear sister~I will Never forget this night. I too cannot believe one of your kids is old enough to go to prom. He was so handsome at pictures at Lafayette Country Club. I agree that you and I were more nervous than he was. I think boys are way different than girls when it comes to these events. Girls are more into preparing their hair, buying the perfect prom dress etc...yet boys, like your son Jacob, try on dad's suit coat, and it's off...Great write and photo's.