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Friday, November 22, 2013

Holiday Volunteering

"Volunteers make the world go round."Yes, this is my motto, as I believe volunteers do so much good in the world. I have been in the role of Director of Volunteers for over ten years now. I feel rejuvenated about humanity each year since volunteers have given to so many organizations in need. The numbers have sky rocketed with 64.3 reported Americans volunteering through an organization of their choice. Minnesota and the Twin Cities area is one of the top areas of volunteerism. In Minneapolis-St. Paul,the trends look like this: 37% of residents volunteer bringing in 86.5 million total volunteer hours. This is an impressive number by anyone's standards.
 During the holidays many feel inspired to help and volunteer. Did you know that organizations are looking to see if you have volunteered? Think about how hiring managers feel when they scan your resume and see you have given back to the community and volunteered. This piece of information goes a long way. Perhaps this holiday season, you could think about a cause you believe in and make the leap. What would be your top cause and how would you go about researching this?
 As a Director of Volunteer Services, many of the volunteers I bring on found my organization, Ebenezer on Volunteer Match. Now that you know how to do it, just reach out and volunteer. You will be bringing on smiles and connections to those that are in need. Good luck and know you are making a big impact.
 Happy holidays.

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  1. I'm unable to volunteer right now but I am crocheting caps for the hospital where I'm currently undergoing chemo and radiation. When and if I am able to I plan on volunteering to drive for the Cancer Society. Drive patients to and from appointments. Nice to find your blog Laura.