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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ann's Precious Baby Girl

The empty chair stood proud and stately in the baby's parlor. The beautiful vintage oak rocking chair reeked with character. The smell of baby powder filled the air. The diaper rack neatly displayed all the needed baby supplies: Cloth and disposable diapers, ointments, safety pins, wet wipes etc. On the wall hung a picture of mom and baby. A framed animal picture hung over a wooden floor that was splashed with bright colors.

Safely tucking baby into her crib, mother heard the doorbell ring. She softly whispered "sweet dreams baby" and shut the door quietly behind her. Ann opened the front door and saw her good friend, Erin. "I've been really worried about you Ann. You haven't been answering your home phone or answering my text's. Is everything alright?"

Erin handed over a pile of mail into her friend’s hands as she entered the front door. "Thanks, you didn't have to do that" she said in a monotone voice. Ann offered her friend a soda or cup of tea. "I'd love a can of diet Pepsi if you have it." The two friends sat in the kitchen nook and began chatting and catching up on things.

Not fifteen minutes into their visit, Ann told Erin she needed to check on the baby. "I'll be right back; I think I hear Courtney fussing." When Ann came back she was cradling her bundle of joy in a pink, hand-made quilt. "I am so sorry Erin, I'll have to end our visit because Courtney hasn't been feeling well and she really needs her sleep." Can you let yourself out while I lay Courtney back down in her crib?" "Oh, of course Ann, I understand, but please, call me soon so we can set up a girls night out." Erin gave Ann a quick hug and started towards the door.

Erin realized she needed the ladies room before the thirty minute drive home. "I really have to stop drinking pop" she said to herself. Thinking it might be a while before seeing Ann and the newborn baby, she turned to peek into the baby's nursery before using the bathroom.

Ann was looking down at her baby in the crib and singing the most beautiful lullaby. "Ann, I just had to come in and give the baby a kiss before I left." Ann didn't say a word and had an empty, glazed look in her eyes. Erin let out a gasp when she leaned down to kiss the baby. There, tucked into the beautiful blanket, was a store bought, baby girl doll.

@ Laura Rogers

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  1. This is such a creepy story. I just love it! This is flash fiction at it's best!