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Monday, December 2, 2013

Mysterious & Miraculous Book II- I am a scribe in this new edition. Please see my bio.

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  1. Laura,

    Thank you so much for your wonderful promotion of MMB2!

    I had to grin when I got to the "imagine" part - worked for me and it felt pretty good imagining being all cozy under a blanket with a great book. My holiday-cocktail of choice is minted coffee, lol!

    We so happy to have you being a Legacy Scribe and also very thankful for your being so helpful in promoting the books and explaining the reasons behind producing them.

    There are so many aspects about this endeavor to feel good about, including the stories and the individuals and familial heritages they represent. It just feels good to be archiving stories to protect them from being lost or unraveled over the years.

    Past that, knowing that each purchase is funding some awesome not-for-profits is a fantastic bonus, as is the ability to introduce readers to the work of some writers they've maybe never heard of before. I definitely had to deprive a reader of the work of a great writer because I'm such an avid reader myself. So, I love making the introductions of the stuff I love to other folks who might end up being just as dazzled with it as I am.

    Again, my thanks to your for your generous participation and support with the endeavors of the Legacy Archives Foundation!