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Sunday, March 14, 2010


Have you ever awoken in the morning and actually been real mad at someone?  I had a dream about my twin sister and woke up so angry at her.  It was pretty funny since in my family when we awake we share our dreams.  I shared how mad I was with my twin and my two kids since my twin lives with us.  It was a fun family moment, me sharing my dream, my twin wonderin if I would forgive her, and I feeling as if this dream was so real. 

No worries, we all  processed and I found it in my heart to forgive my sis for how rude she was to me in the dream. 

Have a great day as in Minnesota it is sunny  and so warm, no need for a winter coat or jacket.  It is 54 degrees.

I read one of my followers blogs last night and he asked everyone how they get inspiration.  How do you all get it. 


  1. Hi Laura-Are you still mad at me because I was rude to you in your dream lastnight? That was a funny conversation at the breakfast table.

  2. No worries, twinner. Dreams are amazing but so real huh>