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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Holy Spirit Power

Have you ever been in a room and felt the synergy and power of the Holy Spirit?  I can name different scenario's in my life where it has been palpable. Last night was one of those nights. As a Director of Volunteers and Catering Guru, I supervised event volunteers, chefs, and servers in our charming Kids Cafe'. We host a very special recognition night twice per year at Perspectives.

On this night, our ultimate goal is to recognize the women in our housing program. Fifty two women are literally saving their lives and the lives of their children. These hard working women are in recovery from addiction. Myself, the staff and the volunteers are all here to make them realize the pride we have in them for saving what is golden, Their family.

Buzzing in the background of our Kids Cafe' one could hear the smooth jazz playing over the colorful room. Candles were lit on each table neatly decorated with Healing Plaques. Behind the scenes you could observe the volunteer chefs, servers and staff working diligently to put out a fabulous Mediterranean Baked Chicken meal.
The theme for the night Comfort The Soul.  Food- Soul Food-
Menu: Mediterranean Baked Chicken, Cheesy Macaroni and Cheese, Buttery Corn Muffins, Mixed Vegetables, Chocolate Mousse Cake.

The night began with a poetry reading, a piece on strength, hard work and struggle that can be turned into gold. Following the poetry was an African American Speaker who had endured the same hell in the addiction realm, now sober twenty five years. A poignant speech on the climb back to mainstream society after the isolating life of addiction. Now a corporate, community motivational speaker with confidence that could fill the globe, one would never guess her life was unravelling just years before.

It is hard to describe the energy in the room as this person spoke. It felt as if the darkness and ugliness that was here in the room from past pain and struggle, melted. Spiritual warfare was  unveiled and witnessed  in this softly lit cafe. The light won out as it does when love over shadow's evil.

Something bigger than ourselves took place on this night. Women hardened by life's brutal past, cried, and told the group they were sorry. Women heard the poet, and let the poetry soak into their soul. They let the speakers words stick and cried to their core. Women afraid to show the world that this journey through addiction was scary, said it out loud and wept. Women that had good reason from their past to fear being touched, held each other.  Women held hands in a circle and vowed  that they would survive. These women all agreed they are lovable and worthy.

I am humbled.......


  1. What an amazing story to share Laura.

    I have felt the Holy Spirit. I do believe He walks with me day in and day out. And when he moves a whole room of people--it is beyond any description, it is healing, loving, empowering, etc. etc.

    Thanks for sharing this--and for doing the work that you do!!

    Cheers, Jenn

    1. I know right?? The power of it is unmistakable...

  2. What an awesome and inspiring post! Where there is love, miracles happen. Thanks for sharing your miracle!