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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Love Knows No Bounds Poem

Life pages turn and turn swiftly by
Each day and moment seem shorter; they fly to the sky;

Pay close attention, hold them most dear;
All those you love, keep them quite near;

Life is all about love,connection and stages;
Be brutally honest in each moment; feel everything as you turn the pages;

Be there in the moment for those you love most;
Pray to God the father,son and the Holy Ghost;

Know our energy does not stop when we die;
We don't lay in our coffins and sit idly by;

Love knows no bounds, does not end when we do
It's not like were ghosts and haunt and say boo;

Love does live forever not end, that I know;
Those we love pass for now, but leave signs so.....

Be not afraid of those that leave this earthly plane
when you see them, hear them or feel them; Trust, your not insane

The spirit lives on, I have seen  in plain view;
Most make visits to heal and strengthen you


  1. Anonymous15/1/12 13:18

    My mom has come back to visit me when I needed her, so I know the spirit lives on.

  2. Beth,
    Many family members and friends that passed have come to visit. Thank God cuz I was freakin'