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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hostility Poem-History of Violence

Your Mind Games No Lack
Fills The Soul With Dark,Sterile rubbish
Are you filled with black shame
I think not, since no empathy within
I feel pity for you
Mostly for your kids that wonder why
The charade lives on daily
you pretend your alive, understand love
The animal you symbolize
A wolf in sheep's clothing you are
Playing the actor role
Shame on you for who You've become
A terrible actor lies
The debauchery sadistic evil and mud thick
Clouds of black hover
Evil energy abounds in your perilled wake
Automatons are devoid, non-human
Pretending to heal; fake
Doth slumber abandon with whispers and moans
Grinding teeth loudly heard
On low energy frequencies black hole deep
Repent I say Repent
Leave us alone forever, no more deceit
Women are dime a dozen
You think we are cheap, like cars?
May God Help You
Gems you don't see in your world
May God's Love Heal You


  1. Such power and disgust. I get it and I hope it helps to rid your mind and heart of the cruelty.
    I pray God will heal him also, but we both know if he doesn't ask for forgiveness and healing, well, it probably won't happen. ♥

  2. The sideways images of the houses add to the sideways disposition of the words. Interesting!

  3. Jo
    Thanks. It just sailed out of me. Healing Yes...

  4. November Rain
    Thanks for liking the images

  5. Anonymous8/1/12 21:50

    Very strong imagery. Must have been therapuetic putting it in words.

  6. Kat
    thanks for stopping by my stoop. Very therapeutic indeed.

  7. An image of a monster, indeed. I hope and pray that he figures it out and asks his Maker for forgiveness and healing--or like Jo said--it won't happen. Hugs to you!! Jenn.

  8. Very powerful indeed and asking for reflection!

  9. WOW! Such power in these words! I think getting it out like this is half way to healing already! (((gentle hug)))

  10. Claudia
    It's a nightmare of a reflection.

  11. Darlene
    It is amazing how healing writing down history can be.

  12. Powerful imagery - hugs and healing to you Laura

  13. Anonymous11/1/12 13:21

    Love the picture of the "crooked" house. Your message was clear and uniquely written. He can never take away what he has done and has to take responsiiblity for every hideous act. I too, hope he finds the path that will lead him to change and have another chance to do things right.
    Thank you for sharing, Laura!

  14. Linda---
    Thanks for the feedback. Sometimes, it just spills out of me........

  15. Sylvia
    Thanks. Imagery came without a clue.... bahh

  16. Anonymous13/1/12 22:50

    What a portrait! One that clarifies the blessing of being free of the monstrous behavior, for sure. Wow.

  17. One of the "therapies" is writing down and "throwing it out for anyone and all". You sure did this---there's obviously a story here I don't know but you created and effectively castrated a monster here. Well done.

  18. Powerful post. I also love the tilted pictures.


  19. Loved the imagery, Laura. Powerful use of words too. Nicely done :o)