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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Biking This Spring

I will admit week two biking to work was so much easier.  My body did not feel like lead and I actually felt like I was flying on my bike.  It is amazing to me that each day gets more freeing and fun.   My three big hills are less of a pain than they were on day one .  I finally found the perfect trail.  I have it down pat, as week one, I got lost on the trails and went double what I should have.  One day I ended up going half way home and then found myself near work again.  On another day going to work, I ended up near Minneapolis.  Oh well, I now know what not to do. 

On an emotional level, each day takes less psychic energy.  I feel as my bike and I are one.  I am normally an avid power walker but have found biking to be so gratifying.   I am  happier,even though I am a cup half full person on any given day.  I actually have to stop myself after work from tackling too many projects because biking has given me so much more energy.  I was coming home from work before I started my biking goal, exhausted.  I now have so much energy reserve, I really get so much done.  I am super woman

I am so much more alert and " in the moment with my children".  I find I am much more patient and focused.  I am kicking butt at work too, producing like crazy.

Anywho, I really wanted to share this journey with you as it is so liberating.

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