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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mind Matters- Stress and How to Deal with it-

Our society prides itself on the fast and productive lifestyle.  As technology becomes even more intelligent, we are running as if we have a race to win.  What happened to being home from work and actually relaxing.   Drive-in's, fast food, running here, there and everywhere.  Have you ever asked your self, " what is it all for?"  We should take a step back and remember that we need to pay attention to what our mind and body is telling us.  As a society, ulcers, gastro-intestinal issues, migraines and anxiety are common place.  Are we listening?   As a psychotherapist in the field, what I hear most is how do I juggle everything that life is throwing at me?

First, remember, you do not have to keep this fast pace.  It is a choice.  Slow down and smell the roses.  Stress comes in two forms:  One is the normal every day stress we all have to deal with as human beings.  To live in our physical world means that stress is going to occur.  The second type of stress is the stress we feel when we have a life changing event that is positive, but it is still stress.  This stress is eustress.  Again eustress is a God given fact of life. 

The stress factor in which we have control over is where we should focus our minds and hearts.  Let's face it, life is hard.  Life has joys and life has pain.  Lets look at ways we can find our serenity and change the life choices we are making. 

  • Self Care- This may sound simple and cliche' but really ask your self how your self care looks.  Are you paying attention to nutrition, exercise, and participating in ways to feed your soul?

  • If you pray or meditate, are you setting times during the day to focus your energy here?
It is true that "birds of a feather, flock together."  Are you surrounding your self with those of whom you feel positive around?  I am always amazed when people keep hanging around those who pull them down or are psychic vampires.  Please love your self and ask how you feel after your with your  friends and family.  If your energy is drained after an  interaction, you need to think about why your with that person. 

  • Balance is the key.  Look at all the areas in your life.  Write a list of those areas and how much time your spending on them.  Where are you putting your energy?  That is the question to ask and if you find your putting too much energy into one area, that is where the stress will start to show. 
Go outside tonight and gaze at the stars.  What a wonder and joy it is to look at God's creation.  It is free for the taking.

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