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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Biker Mamma

I am excited to tell my blogger friends my new goal.  If I put it down on my blog, I am more likey to continue.  I don't want to set myself up to fail, so I was very purposeful to share my news in a way that would not feel constraining.   Many of us set weight loss or excersise goals only to feel guilt because we cannot sustain them.  Researchers say goals like these, similiar to new years goals, usually fail after two weeks.  After much consideration and talking to my friends and family members, I know I am ready to spill the beans.  I am going into my second week of biking to and home from work.  Each way is 6.3 miles so yes, I am biking 12.6 miles a day.  If it rains or I have to bring the car to work to travel far to present my violence training, then I will have no choice to take the car.  This does not happen too often so I will be biking more often than not. 

The first day I must say was the easiest.  I have not ridden since last summer and I probably only then did two miles at the most.  I can't tell you how good it feels to know that I am not adding to the pollution in the air by biking.  Of course as a woman, I am most excited about how I feel.  I know I will be getting into great shape and it is a positive  health and wellness step for me.  At a younger age, I struggled with obsessing about how much weight I could lose fast and almost before I started, I would have myself so overwhelmed I would stop.  I am glad to say that as a older young person, I do not struggle with this issue anymore.  In fact, I just tell myself daily how healthy this is for me and I do not get lost in how fast I ride or what gear my bike is in.  I have to tell you, this feels so freeing to me.  There is truth to "with age comes wisdom". 

My second day was a bit harder as I felt the pain in my legs due to the change in activity.  I am sleeping like a baby though.  I really have never had sleep issues, but sleeping after 12.6 miles of biking is heaven. 
I know the toughest part of a new program for me is the psychic energy I put into thinking about it.  I have not done that at all yet.  I will speak KNOWING I will not.  I know the energy of participating in the psychic energy drain is very real. 

Nature is so amazing.  Each day I ride I experience so much.  It is like devouring dessert before eating dinner.  Let me give some examples of the beauty I experience daily.  Frogs croaking, Willow Trees swaying, birds singing their songs, bikers exuberant, riding through blizzards of flower blossoms, young and old out walking with serenity, Cherry blossoms in bloom, birds flying in front of my face, and so much more. 

I will keep all of you posted as to my biking journey and the feelings it brings up.  As a person with a psychology background, I just have to share them with you.  I hope it is helpful to those of you like me, that at times cannot stay with a program that your so adamant to do.  I hope my mind does not play tricks on me and I can stay on this fantastic bike program goal I have set for myself.  I know every day will be different because that is how it has been in the last week.  I will promise to be very honest with you and throw the idealstic part of me away, so that I can take you with me with honor.  I have made a comittment to myself and to my two great kids, Jacob and Ellie, so that they have a healthy mom they can be proud of. 

Please come along with me, I know I will need your support.  By the way, for some reason no one can comment on my blog.  If you know how I can make that happen please let me know.

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