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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thunder Snow in Minnesota   click on this link

I must share with you a funny little Minnesota winter story. We heard on the news last night that we were in for a winter snow storm.  This would be our first storm of the winter.  In fact, more or less, the first snow, period.

I woke up this morning to white on white. I  saw my youngest off to a basketball game in Prior lake and hoped she would make it there safe. My son came down the stairs at this early time of the morning, 7:00 A.M. to be exact. We both looked out the windows in utter Minnesota wonder. The trees hung low with the weight of the snow covering them. The road outside my home looked more like a field of snow. My son exclaimed that he saw the neighbors tree literally crack off it's base and fall to the ground covering part of the road.

Now this was a Minnesota winter weekend, the kind I was used to as a child.  My son and I just had to go out and adventure, even though the weather men and women were advising us against it.  We thought it might be fun to go to our local Caribou.  This is one of the special outings that I share in with my kids.

I drove down our beautiful culdesac, down Foxgate Road.  Wow, my Jeep was kicking butt on these snow piled roads.  It looked as if the snow plows had not been here yet.  How could that be?  It was now around 9:00 A.M.  As Jacob and I headed down the next crossroad, we could not believe our eyes.  There right in front of us was a tree, hanging down from high above as if it had given up.  The weight of the snow had won this match. 

We got ourselves out of the car and just stood there gazing, as if we had seen a ghost. Giddy, as if we were on a snow day, my son ran out to the middle of the private neighborhood road and jumped up onto the thick tree branch. He sat on that tree and it made me think somehow that this was a scene from the book of Tom Sawyer.  It made me giggle with delight.  My son now fourteen, still loves the pure, natural, good old fun things in life.  How beautiful and humorous nature and god's wonder could be.

I took out my camera, as I knew this was a perfect photo opportunity.  I took pictures of that tree branch and more Minnesota winter beauty. As, Jacob and I headed home, we hit yet another adventure.  One more tree down in the middle of the road, but this time I think I was the one  playing snow day fun.  Yes, I still have much of the child in me, I took my fourteen year old son's challenge.  I tried  to see if I could fit the car and I under the tree, which did remind me of London bridge.  Jacob stood outside the Jeep and pleaded, "mom, please, I think the car will fit under the tree, it would be so cool".  He watched as his single silly momma took on this adventure.
I bet you are wondering what happened.  What did become of this mom as she indulged her son in his most sinister challenge?  Check out my picture.  I won't leave you hanging.  I made it under that tree with only one branch in the front passenger car door.

This is winter fun in Minnesota.  What a great time with my son.


  1. Having great fun and making memories! I love it! No way I could stand that cold, being a Louisiana gal, but it looks gloriously beautiful!

  2. i love your son, and this story!