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Friday, November 12, 2010

A Letter One of my Online Writers Wrote To Educate Us All

I had to share this link with all of you for many reasons.  All of us as human beings falter.  We are not perfect nor are we perfect parents.  This woman put it all out there for us to learn so many lessons.  Read the link above, but please chew on these facts:
  1. We all make mistakes
  2. We all need boundaries
  3. As parents, we have to set boundaries lest we produce little sociopaths in the world
  4. We must build up our children and each other
  5. We need to have a sense of humor in our failings 
  6. We must be able to apologize to each other and our children
  7. Most of us can forgive, we just don't forget
  8. Structure is healthy
  9. We need to model positive behavior for our children
  10. It is what we do, not what we say that affects our children the most- researchers agree to this
  11. Tell your kids how much you love them and why:  How nice to hear specifics on what it is you love most about them. 
  12. Praise your children for "Just Who They Are"- Again, tell them when you praise their artwork, what you like about it.  Ex:  I like how you had the red color mixed with the orange on your pumpkin. I like how you drew it, the face was so crazy.  " I noticed you picked up your room without me asking", Great job. "
13. Just listen to each other and your kids
14.  Think about your commitment as a parent and what it is you would like to work on as a parent. Perhaps it is to listen better. Maybe you want to spend more quality time and not quantity time with your children. Perhaps you want to work on apologizing or being able to negotiate with your child.

From one writer to another

Laura, Mom

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