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Friday, November 12, 2010

My Cheesy Chicken Recipe

I have two children twelve and fourteen years old. They are such picky eaters.  I will add my cheesy chicken recipe here for you if you have the same issue with your children.  Winter is coming as well, and we need as many great warm meals to serve our kids as we can, atleast ones they will eat.

Last night, I served this dish. I heard right away from my daughter " Mom, you know I hate chicken, I won't eat it. "  I told her it was the cheesy chicken dish she loved.  Once I said that, my children were going up over and over for more servings.  This is so kid friendly.

  • 7 or 8 boneless chicken breasts
  • 1/3 cup melted butter
  • Italian bread crumbs
  • colby jack cheese
  • cream of mushroom or broccoli
Wash and pat dry chicken breasts and lay in glass casserole dish
put one cheese slice on each chicken breast
add one can of cream of mushroom on top
add one can  cream of chicken or broccoli on top
sprinkle Italian bread crumbs across the top of the dish
sprinkle the melted butter on top

Bake on 350 for one hours
This dish is great served with baked potatoes

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  1. ok madam, this is missing one major thing... GREEN VEGGIES!!! I remember the days I could eat a plat like that. those were the days. Now half of my plate is veggies, 1/4 carbs and 1/4 protein. or, at least I try!

  2. CJ's Virtue, I know there is no veggies in this. Your so great on what you eat. Too bad my kiddies wont eat veggies. I practically have to throw em in their mouth