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Friday, July 9, 2010

Spinach dip to live for

Food has and always has been a great connection for families. I know it has for my family. Every big holiday we just have to make our infamous recipe of spinach dip with veggies. Food and the social aspect of food is so dynamic. Researchers state that food, cooking and eating brings people together. Their is so much exciting research on food and how we all talk more and much more comfortably at the dinner table. We relax around food and it helpful for social interaction.

I teach at-risk kids at my place of work how to BE around food. How to talk about food, manners, how to prep and clean up food. I have always loved food. I am a foodie and belong to a foodie network organization where I learn so much about food, the prep, and all that goes with it.

In my state of Minnesota, Sue Zelickson a local food critic from WCCO radio is one of the founders of our kids cafe'. She and I bring on many guest chefs who cook and teach our kids how to cook. They also teach our kids how to handle food safety and prep as well as clean up. Sue is a food celebrity in Minnesota and we are so lucky to have her help us teach others how to cook, how to celebrate food in a way that even at risk kids can succumb to the love of it. We have kids who have graduated and then on to a culinary school. Gives you goosebumps doesn't it? I love my career. To see these darling kids who have had so much trauma and then to see them in the kitchen and excel in it is divine.

I want to give you a recipe that I hope my children's children can make for their families and so on since it brings family together. When I bring or have the party, the one thing I can count on is the spinach dip being gone by the end of the family celebration.


Sour Dough or Rustic Italian bread bowl

2- 32 ounces of sour cream

3 frozen chopped spinach dip boxes-less if not a huge fan of spinach, it is up to you

3 bags of Knorr Swiss vegetable soup mix without the hard veggies- I do not like the texture with the veggies in it, but if you like hard veggies in your dip then go for it.

You can double, triple this recipe depending on how many you will be serving.


Sift the Knorr swiss veggie soup mix into a large bowl from the dried veggies- Keep the soup mix and save the veggies for the next time you make a homeade soup.

add the soup mix, sour cream and spinach and mix

Once you have mixed the dip, know that your in for quite a treat. Easy to make, delicious and kid friendly. You heard me right. My kids who don't even like veggies and dips love this and beg for it.

Prep and cut whatever veggies of your desire

Put dip in bread bowl with veggies around it

Presentation is everything, remember to keep your veggies on a plate mixed in color around the plate for color and beauty.

Knorr swiss is the best soup mix for this easy to make spinach dip, trust me as I have made all of them and none is as taste quality as Knorr Swiss

I hope you and yours will try this recipe since it is easy and soooo delicious. Like I said, it is a family tradition at my house for celebrations.

From my family to yours, enjoy

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