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Friday, July 9, 2010

Snack of the Year

My daughter and I have a favorite snack that takes just minutes, cream cheese wontons. All you need are wonton wraps, cream cheese, a little bit of butter, and a nack for a good snack!


•Wonton wraps

•Cream cheese

•Table spoon butter

•Olive oil

You can find wonton wraps at any grocer's Deli.


First heat 3 cups oil in a wok, keep tempurature at 5.

Take a tsp of cream cheese and place in the middle of wonton wrap.

Put a dab of butter on one of the sides of the wrap. (the butter holds the wonton together)

Now were going to do some oragami! Fold the square in a triangle keeping the cream cheese in the middle.

Add another dab of butter on each of the three ends.

Fold the two side ends inward.

Lastly, if you choose, fold the last end down.

(It's easier than it sounds)

Now the oil should be hot and you're ready to cook your wontons!

(keep children away from stove because hot oil can spit and burn)

Carefully place wontons in wok. (it is easier to do one at a time but you can do up to ten)

Wontons will quickly turn brown so keep turning them.

When wontons are brown and crispy, use a spatula to remove from wok.

Dab wontons with paper towel to remove all oil.

Now your ready to eat your wontons.Enjoy and remember that wontons are perfect for a snack and a meal. My daughter and I love them with a stir fry.

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