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Monday, July 5, 2010

Ode to Mom & Dick

Let me share with you a story of love and hope. We were blessed early in our life to meet Lisa.  Lisa is and has been a special and true friend since  my twin sister and I  were in fourth grade. The cute story goes like this: 
My brother David knew he needed to introduce Linda and I to Lisa.  He knew we would be kindred spirits.  Lisa met my  darling and most charming brother David.  She was asked to come over, off the bus by him one day when she was in seventh grade.  He had such a crush on her.  Once Lisa came over off the school bus to be with our brother David, she met me and my twin Linda.  They never made it as a young couple. Lisa, Linda and I were never the same.  We girls never stopped talking and the rest  was history.  Tonight, Linda, Lisa,  her mom & step dad Dick met out at the Fletchers Wharf where we had been many times in our lives.  Lisa's parents,  mom and step dad Dick as you will see are our second set of parents.
My twin sister Linda and I lost our mom at age 9.  It was this very year that our brother brought over a gal off the bus that he believed would get along well. He was right we ended up being kindred spirits and love eachother so deeply in this life.  
Linda and I today brought this poem to Lisa's mom and step dad Dick to let them know how much they mean to us and have since we knew them since we  were in fourth grade.  Today our brother David has since passed.

ODE TO MOM & DICK--------------------------------------------------

You were always there for us when twinners needed you
Your our special adopted mom & dad and dad Dick threw our shoes

Isn't it funny how life tends to go,when our kids are naughty, their shoes we throw

We always knew you both had our backs
Whether our day was bright or our world was black

You helped us get through good days and pain
You loved us through struggles, it was never in vain

You mean more to us than you'll ever know

You showed us Christs' love and helped us to grow

Through fires, houseboat, Dugells and more, our memories stay with us, especially of Lore.
With much Love
                                                           Laura and Linda

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