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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Golf Fundraiser- Volunteerism and The Human Spirit

I am a director of volunteers at a human service agency. I am so proud of the fact that in my position, I see each and every day, in the people I interview, human beings that want to help better the world, themselves and our at risk families.

I research and network with many different volunteer management organizations. I have learned that the state of Minnesota is highly ranked for community and volunteering. I am proud of this and am proud as I read that most states are very knowledgeable about the fact that giving back helps all of us. I believe we are all connected whether we live in different states, have different religious backgrounds, come from different races. I love diversity. Diversity is what makes us learn who we are and see their are different perspectives.

We did a golf fundraiser last week for our at risk families. It is the fourth one our agency has put on. Talk about a fun day and great cause to see all these golfers out there on the holes to help the homeless.

I can honestly say that I have seen a part of the human spirit that has touched me as a director of volunteers and as a person. You must see the link here on volunteering.

I hope that my simple hub has helped you feel better about the human heart as well as encourage you to volunteer.

"Volunteers make the world go round"

Laura Arne

Perspectives Inc

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