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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Jack Jablonski forgives
A check during a high school hockey game leaves Jack paralyzed.  That is the news blaring all over the TV stations here in Minnesota, but also nationwide.  As a public speaker, I have the honor of recruiting volunteers from Benilde St. Margaret's catholic school. I was personally affected deeply when hearing about the sad news of the young high school student who was hurt permanently from the sport of hockey.

The outpouring of love and support from all over the country for Jack has been an inspiration. Jack forgave the young man that checked him during the hockey game that had him injured. He came to visit Jack in the hospital and felt relieved after doing so. He has struggled with the fact that Jack will never walk again. The Star and Tribune shared that it was not on purpose.  We can all learn from Jack about the power of forgiveness.

I am currently helping to fund raise for Jack and his family in hopes of  helping them pay for Jack's medical expenses.  All of you that are interested in donating to Jack's fund can do it on-line at the link I have added to the title of this blog.

I thank you in advance for helping his family in their time of need.  Please know that your prayers are needed at this time.

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