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Monday, January 2, 2012

How To Make 2012 Count

I love new beginnings. I am so looking forward to a new year. I have had many joys in 2011, but also plenty of  stress. I am sure most of us can point to the good, the bad and the ugly back in 2011.  Cheers to a great new year and many great healthy changes. Let me list some of the ways that we can make changes stick in the new year. Researchers say to:

  • Make Change Doable & Realistic- Perhaps you pick MWF to work out and the rest of the week do other activities.  Park farther away and walk into the mall. Take the stairs not the elevator.
  • Self Care/Self-Love- Treat Your self and Pamper yourself once in a while. I did today and got my nails, toes and hair done. 
  • Stay Consistent
  • Be gentle with yourself. Try to stay away from black and white thinking. I failed my diet because..... Instead say " Today I made a choice that I don't like, but I chose it and will keep trying."
  • Try To Make Your motivation intrinsic not extrinsic. " I want to feel healthy" Not," I want to lose twenty pounds in four weeks."
  • List Out Your Goals and Put a picture of you that you like on the Fridge with a motivational or spiritual quote.  
  • Do it for health so you can hang around your family for years and years to come.
  • Motivation is: The act or process of motivating. The state of being motivated and something that motivates or incentive.
" The state of being and staying healthy is about listening to your heart, body, mind and soul. We need to be in balance and feed our souls with whatever it is that brings you peace and happiness."   Laura Mary Rogers


  1. Anonymous3/1/12 15:53

    All sorts of good, but I especially love your quote at the end. Just perfect.

  2. Beth,
    Thanks for the kudos

  3. This is a good list for the start of the year.. I strive for harmony myself.. Balance is not always doable in my life, buy harmony, now that is word I can employ. We can all use a little more self-loving, thanks for reminding. Happy New Year, to you.

  4. your list sounds like how i prefer to live my life... as easy as possible.

  5. danneromero
    Thanks. Easy is good.

  6. Brenda
    HNY to you as well and yes, we do need to pamper ourselves once in a while.

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  8. Dr. J. Amber
    Hey thanks for stopping by my stoop.