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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Favorite Things

In one of my writing groups, I was asked to write on my favorite things. Well, this inspiration was meant to be, because last night I had a dream that felt so real to me that it stuck. In fact, so inspired by this dream, that I have a new idea for a book. So here it goes.

One of my many favorite things or people, is my past boy friend, and soul mate Billy. He inspired me so greatly in so many ways. He and I also shared a favorite song artist and specific song by Bob Marley that I have uploaded here. The title is called, " Waiting in Vain."  I had a dream last night that he was still alive which I dream often. I am always so confused in the dream because I am one of the only people that see him. In the dream, I always know he died but we still have an ongoing relationship.

 Billy died  in June of 1991, he was struck by lightening. I was devastated to say the least. Some of my favorite things are because of this gentle, loving, very evolved soul. He exposed me to different music and artists and ideas.
  •  He helped me understand diversity and it's ramifications
  • He knew at our young age, I was not real keen on different music other than pop.  He actually got me into Raggae music.
  • He exposed me to the Grateful Dead Group. In fact, at his funeral they played a couple of them that were so poignant. 
  • He taught me to open up my eyes to those in need around me.
  • He gave me the love of art and art shows. 
  • He taught me how I could be way too tense at times. 
  • He taught me about giving back.
I miss him so much but realize he is with me still. I treasure that he watches over me and will always be grateful for his love. I will write my book because of his inspiration. 


  1. And I, among many, will be excited to read it. Beautiful post.

  2. Anonymous7/12/11 20:39

    I love that you feel Billy's presence still and that it helps guide and inspire you. Wonderful.

  3. Jo
    Thanks for the great support.