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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blue Jean Clouds- Come Blog with me

I fly in and out of my washed out blue Jean clouds

Blogger pages flys with me

We glide so free, Come on bloggers fly with me

My blog pages world makes my tummy tickle

I feel supported by creative blog page friends

They do not mind if my blogs are fickle

We learn to let go and feel so at ease

The happiness from writing, it's a good disease

The world becomes a rainbow of ideas in mind

A buffet of storys, poems, and images float on this line

The smorgasboard of life so tasty indeed

We all realize its a blessing and we need to take heed

What variety of dishes on your table will thee serve?

Writings' inspiration, a blessing, accolades and healing we deserve

Keep on writing in bloggland for all to see

Head in the clouds, pot of gold sets you free

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