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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Blogging & Writing- Feeling Grateful

I am writing this story to share my gratitude to my followers.  I have not been blogging for very long, but I feel as if it is part of me. The community, the caring, the great online relationships, the fantastic support. Do any of you feel like I do, like writing and the support of followers has breathed life into you? I feel grateful that this opportunity exists here for me.

I have always loved to write, but after many crisis' in life which is just part of the design, It was hard for me to just sit down and write. There was a part of me, that creative part that had been stagnant for too long. I see now that no matter what is happening in my life I need to write as it is my healing.

You have all made me feel so confident here about my writing and gave me support when I felt that my blog was not good enough. I have learned the do's and don'ts of blogging of which I learned from all of you. You have enlightened me in many ways here.

A friend of mine yesterday shared a story with me about the value of writing and how we need to keep our creative juices flowing to survive. Her friend is a young woman around 43 with two kids and a husband. She came to my buddy telling her that the only reason she was not going to take her life, which she felt was useless, was because she is so stubborn.

My friend told her about the power of writing and how healing it would be for her. Now this woman just laughed and said something to the effect of " Ya, right, like writing could save my life".

Well, my buddy knew she needed a solid plan so her friend could see through the blackness and the pain that was telling her to take her life. She had been reading a book that she could not put down called " The Artists Way". I am sure many of you know the book. It not only is a great read but has you participating in writing activities to inspire healing.

The link is I am no expert on this book believe me since I have only looked at it bits at a time online. My point is, that writing is an incredible experience, a process that opens up our energy in ways we cannot fathom.

I know your all wondering what happened to my buddies friend. She said this book, the process of writing has cleared her head again and she has hope. Yes, you heard me right fellow writers. She is so happy again and her family has witnessed the light back in her eyes, the excitement of life, the product of the creative process.

I guess I just wanted you all know that I am grateful too. I have a different perception of my life now that I am writing everyday. Yes, my kids wish I wasn't writing everyday, but I know it role models to them that mom has her own passions too. Writing has been so healing for me and speaking as a psychotherapist in trade I can say, yes, there are many forms of healing, not just counseling and talk therapy. Ha.

I hope my blog has you feeling grateful too for this gift, the alchemist process that writing is. I hope you have a great day and feel the gratitude that comes from writing.

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