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Monday, May 24, 2010

Date: Mon, 24 May 2010 16:07:14 -0500

I WANT:   I want to see how my twin answered this because we are so much alike I am sure most of mine will be identical to her answers.  We even say paragraphs in totality, exactly the same and people just look at us like we are from Mars.  Anywhoo, I want there to be peace on earth.  I want war to end and love to conquer all.  War, it solves nothing.  When will human kind learn that.  

I HAVE: I have everything I need.  I have family who loves me, friends, talents and gifts, Love to give, Debt, but I have all I need.

I WISH: I wish the man Sean I dreamdt about the other night was real.  "Sean, Where are you?"

I HATE:  I  do not like violence.  I train communities on how to be non-violent.  I left my childrens' dad because violence was his middle name. 

I MISS: I miss my  parents who have gone, my relatives, my ex boyfriend who died at the US Open by lightning, my brother to addiction.

I HEAR:  I hear more than the average bear.  I have a gift of intuition.  It serves me well.  I listen and hear with my heart.

I WONDER: I wonder if those I love on the other side are still with me.  I have felt them and talked to them, but lately I do not feel them.  I wonder what heaven is like.  Will it be as awesome as I have dreamdt it to be?

I REGRET:  I regret that I have not lived life to the fullest each and every day.  The older I get, the wiser I get.  I wish I would have never let anyone ever step on me. 

I AM NOT:  I am not superficial.  I have a bubbly personality and many in my life that first meet me, think it can't be real.  Well, here I am, and I love who I am, and I am real.  Maybe extremely happy most of the time, but this is me.  Take me or leave me.

I DANCE: I dance in my blogs, writings, hubs, with my kids.  Life is a dance.  I am the author of that dance.

I SING: I love to sing and sing often many times to the embarrassment of my kids.  I was invited to sing at Carnegie Hall, but it was way too expensive.  Oh, that is what I regret.

I CRY:  I cry for the children in the world that have been hurt.  I cry for myself who grew up with too much pain.  I feel good now.  God is good. Pain can be healed.

I AM NOT ALWAYS:  I am not always happy.  I at times feel sad and hurt and lonely.  I am good  at verbalizing my emotions and gettting support from family and friends when I need to. 

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS:  I create my hubs and blogs with my hands.  I hold my children with my hands.  I massaged my dad often with my hands before he passed away.  I have facilitated healings with my hands.  I have started my book with my hands called " Angels Don't Need Wings to Fly."  Hands are one way to the heart and there are many.

I WRITE: I write often at home and work.  I write proposals, word documents, excel, stories, hubs and blogs.  Writing helps me feel alive.  My creativity comes out mostly in what I write.  Writing is a self-care skill I use to feel to refresh.

I CONFUSE:  I confuse myself with numbers.  Nope not good with math.  Not good with numbers.

I NEED: Connection

I SHOULD: Thank God for all he has given me in my life. I should also teach women more often how to listen to their higher voice or intuition.

I START: I can say I actually started biking this spring and am on week 6.

I FINISH: I finish my blogs and NEVER edit them, just publish right away. I do not do drafts.

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