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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dream: Safe Haven -: GBE2 Prompt

My dream, no more violence
Please, end it all now

I feel my person fading
To gain peace, I know not how

I’m trapped in this heavy hell 
Body, mind, spirit, being devoured
Died long ago, thoughts of us
Being justly soured

My dream is to end this for all womankind
Please listen and know that your heart you will find

Leave, of course you feel panic
Dark and real
Believe you’re not crazy
Your worth he may not steal

Spinning his plan
To ease his dark ugly soul
In his heart lies a void gaping hole

Talking smack about you
It’s so hard to believe
Get out now, you must leave

Don’t let him break your spirit
There must be some reprieve

Trust your gut where confusion lie
Your reality is truth; Don't allow your spirit to die

He  carefully spins his next move
It’s all a game

Does not care for you
Shame shame shame

Lack of empathy, feelings too
No understanding of love
It’s all a ruse

Wants you to believe
You’ve gone mad
His insanity projected
It is all so sad

Link all incidents in one
Not a fluke
Once you realize this pattern
You’ll want to puke

But I thought I loved you
We’ve all said this too
This calculated monster is no good for you

His sickness eats at him day after day
To relieve the anxiety this game he must play

He blames you and names you for all
But for his wicked schemes you will not fall

He pits family and friends against you
While this enigmas' progressing, you haven’t a clue

Till the day you feel there’s nothing left inside

He is sitting back and watching with pride

The grin he muses so proud and so cruel
Depleting your soul, breaking you down is his fuel

Get out now I say, you can do it I know
Healing violence takes time; seems to move slow

Peace we desire; it is ever near
Once you reclaim yourself
It all becomes clear

You did nothing wrong, it was his violent nature, you see
Your life’s filled with hope and I know you’ll be free
Take care of yourself with gentleness and love
Forget not, the holy spirit of truth is a dove

There will be a day you will feel whole and look back
Your life full of support and on track
Please remember truth sets you free
No care-taking his sickness, just a bug on the wall is he

Silence is not golden, not in this case
Speak of the pain and domestic violence ugly face

Surround yourself with friends and family that care
Get out of this chaos for the many women in this same situation, Do share

You’re not alone, there are too many to name
Don’t worry of those that believe in his game
The truth will come forth; light always shines through
I pray you don’t break, We are all here for you

Dream all your dreams
Round the corner they stand
Just waiting for you to take hold of their hand

Life is your oyster, you’re beautiful and smart
Know some day you’ll find true love
You’ll open your heart

Try not to be jaded on love that is true
Unfortunately we found charmers
That hadn’t a clue
Power in numbers we need to take claim
Shouting out for joy now, that is our new found fame

" Speak your truth, you never know who may need to hear it."  Laura Rogers


  1. Spoken only as one who is healing and reaching out to those too afraid to leave could do. If only....

  2. Wow! I don't know what else to say but wow.


  3. Wonderful--Honest--Direct. Great poem--spoken from the heart!

    Cheers, Jenn

  4. Just wonderful! Someone I love dearly was there and like you, got out. She's stronger now, far stronger than she believed she could be. She's safe, happy, and a wonderful example or her children--both her daughter and her son.

  5. From one mom to another.
    Thanks so much. So appreciated....

  6. Jenn and Beth
    Big fat hugs to you both. It just poured out of me. Ahh I feel better

  7. WOW! I caught myself holding my breath. Very intense and I know there are women living in just this scenario. There are certainly reasons to end a marriage...abuse is one. Great job in projecting the emotion. It may take me a bit to recover from the emotion of reading this. Whew...I'm still tense. Good job!

  8. This was wonderful! Coming out of the darkness into the light! Keep moving forward and I'm sending blessings your way! (((hug)))


  9. You are amazing, and so is this poem. Bravo.

  10. Langley
    Bless your soul. Thanks and hoping everyone is praying for the newest victim of his hatred....

  11. Beachlover
    Thanks for the nice comments. yes, the light is the best way to go. Ahhhhh

  12. didn't expect this;; was still into warming tacos in the oven!! ((hugs))

    Trust your gut where confusion lie
    Your reality is truth; Don't allow your spirit to die

    AMEN SISTAH!!!!!!!

    you of our writers..every time i go on his blog i want to vomit. I can't explain it..its not the words..but the abuse he has received i feel and he is still caught in it..and writes about it like "its ok" I still haven't been able to comment. Sometimes i see things i don't want to..and its then we must send out our Angels to do the battle!

    I see you as an on earth. And God wants you to know, He hears your prayer..and He will do the slaying...just keep on LOVING ON! ((hugs))

    1. Brenda,
      Wow, what a nice thing to say to me. You are so right we send in the angels. God was so loud for me during this hell. I could not not hear him. This poem was inspired by another woman going thru this same hell. This is what came out of my soul. God Bless You.

  13. Very powerful and well written. Glad you escaped and lived to tell the tale and tell it so brilliantly.


    1. Kathy, thanks for your wonderful comments. I am blessed and so very grateful for the peace in my life now.