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Tuesday, May 21, 2013


In corners of periphery;
Black shadowed ghouls in misery

The darkness cold and shivering;
dark, lost souls spew relentlessly,

Feed off fear, power, control;
To drive them mad; it takes it's toll,


The divine light emanates in; 
Enfolding,engulfing, surrounding them,

In every crack, crevice, space and place;
Out pours pure love and Jesus Grace,

 We turn to see heart and hands on fire;
transmuting darkness into light,

Supernatural power of God;
Nothing as pure, as loving or bright,

Thank you for your light that reigns over dark;
All it takes is pure intentions, prayer and a spark

Jesus Christ my savior and king;
Your power and might cover everything



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Audrey,
      I love this poet's Pub.

  2. This is a very powerful poem sister. I can see what your talking about here. I know your preparing to do a house healing and this is the perfect way to cleanse yourself for it. I love your images of dark versus light and remembering to just speak our Lord's name and all will be protected and kept safe.

    1. Twinhead

      Thanks, All is Well in God's World. I just have to hold the powerful pure light of God in my heart, fear is not of God, so I will not fear and I will be in the light.

  3. smiles...its a beautiful thing when god breaks through isnt it...and life is much harder without...though not each as well with...lovely bit of worship

  4. Brian,

    Yes it is when that light comes through and through it does. To be in the dark makes the light even brighter. Ahh that felt good. Great worship to be sure.