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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

This Road Called Life

If you acknowledge & prepare for this
Life and the road aren't always bliss

Gratitude, thanks and and a positive attitude
Are not just days of old, platitudes

Get right with him, place the good/bad at the altar
You will stay in perfect balance and will not falter

Appreciate all you have been given and bless
Life gets better and you will find you need less

The journey of life is a gift you see
The more you give out, the more comes back to thee

© Laura Rogers Arne

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


In corners of periphery;
Black shadowed ghouls in misery

The darkness cold and shivering;
dark, lost souls spew relentlessly,

Feed off fear, power, control;
To drive them mad; it takes it's toll,


The divine light emanates in; 
Enfolding,engulfing, surrounding them,

In every crack, crevice, space and place;
Out pours pure love and Jesus Grace,

 We turn to see heart and hands on fire;
transmuting darkness into light,

Supernatural power of God;
Nothing as pure, as loving or bright,

Thank you for your light that reigns over dark;
All it takes is pure intentions, prayer and a spark

Jesus Christ my savior and king;
Your power and might cover everything


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mothers Day 2013

What a grand Mothers Day. Spending time with family is everything. My amazing children, my sister who has helped me raise my children in my home for nine years, and Devon Worley who is like my adopted daughter spent quality time today on mothers day.

We started out the day going to the Farmers Market on Lyndale Avenue in Minneapolis. We ate some of our favorite foods including: Corn on the Cob, French Fries and Soft Tacos. Great Reggae music played in the background, and the families buzzed around the vendors jewelry, crafts, and food.

We left the Market and landed at West End and did some window shopping and had a delightful meal at ROHO Mexican Restaurant. The sun was shining bright and it was a lovely day out if you were under the sun's direct rays.

We returned home to wonderful gifts for both mommies. We received lovely smelling body sprays and lotions wrapped in a beautiful pink bag. The kids seemed so genuinely excited to spend time with us and give us these gifts.

I feel so blessed in life. I can't imagine my life journey without kids. They have made me a better human being. I am so grateful. Thank you God for these precious jewels who you have given in my care.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Prom: A Night for a Mom to Remember

Fifty years old in January and this! OK, so, my son had his first prom this year. When did I get so old because....

His Junior prom was more exciting for me than for him. I know men and women see things differently, but really????? He was calm as a cuke and I had butterflies. What?

You heard me. But. I am guessing I am not the only one who has felt this way. Please Please tell me I am not alone in this.

I want to know if you have sent a child off to prom and how your daughter or son reacted and how long it took her/him to prepare for the big night?

I think it took Jacob all of about ten minutes to get ready. What's your story?

My son Jacob and I-He pinned me with a flower during pictures at Lafayette Country Club. (Sweaty Eyeballs) No worries, It didn't hurt~ Hee Hee

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring Day

May day? yes, May 1st, should be sunny, warm and breezy
Minnesota record breaker, snow, ice and rain

Cuts deep into Minnesotans morale, that want, need spring!
too much winter in Midwest, done are we

Blinding sun bring to me~ with birdies loudly singing
blowing blades of grass breezing, billowing, & babbling Brooks
water, warm feel to tosies, wiggling in their wake

Staring down the waters earth, clear, rocks, fish
beaching babes building castles
pails, shovels, Giggling, gagling, boys and girls

Runners, joggers, round the path, heavily huffing happily
walkers tuned into talk, intense, joyous gate

Ring Ring. Dreamsicles, bomb pops, dogs and dillies
But instead.....

Cruel spring creates cycles of contravention
curbing cooperation to our chagrin


Weather maker? When will Spring Really Begin?