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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Are you kidding me?

Why why why?  Last Friday I had to go downtown for a volunteer training. I was aghast with the amount of people on their cell phones ready to rear end me. I am not perfect but really? What the heck are people thinking? So many lives have been lost because of distracted driving. Teens are most likely to die because of texting while driving.

I don't get riled easily, but I was miffed. I mean, here is this guy behind me talking on his cell phone in really difficult rush hour traffic. His other hand is flying threw the air perfect for non verbal communication Not in a car. I don't know how anyone can drive and text or be on their cell while in this type of situation.

Perhaps I am more appalled by this because I have hands free in my car, so I am not tempted. I so had the urge to call 911. Maybe next time I will because there were countless times he got way to close to my car. I also think I was miffed because just three weeks earlier I had to get my car fixed because someone drove right into my car in a parking lot. Over $400 dollars later.  Yes, insurance picked up 80% but still I had to pay the remainder and rental car fees.  My insurance agent tells me these days it is very rare for someone to leave a note on your dash board after hitting you.

Moral of the story is don't do distracted driving, it's not worth it. Let's role model this for our teens that are now driving or the grand kids that are out on the road.


  1. It is against the law in a lot of states to text on a cell phone. My husband, who is an over the road trucker , has to have hands free at all times, hence the bluetooth in his ear. The fines and the consequences in his case of losing his CDL are not worth the risk, let alone his life. That is our meal ticket. People can not possible pay complete attention if they are on the phone.


  2. You just struck my peeve nerve!!! I HATE that so many people can't go from point A to point B without talking or texting. I drive a big Tahoe and I get sadistic pleasure in honking my horn when I see someone texting or talking while they drift into my lane. I watch around me extra carefully because I have to watch for the both of us... Bills have been repeatedly introduced into our legislative process to stop cell phone use while driving. I am convinced that the lobbyist in FL are paying for legislative votes.... Nothing ever gets passed even in light of some horrific accidents while persons were distracted by their phones. A trucker rear ended a school bus, which burst into flames and burned a child to death. I thought for sure that would be the accident that would FINALLY turn the tide, but... nooooooo. Then there was the woman pushing a stroller with her 2 babies across a street here in Orlando. A college girl on her phone ran the stroller over, killing both babies. Was that enough? Noooooo.... I am sick of the disregard for human life. They don't like me to blow my horn and startle them back to reality??? TOUGH!!!!