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Monday, September 26, 2011

Changes- September Theme for Real Bloggers United

Life is about change. Life is constantly in transition. An important skill set we can teach our children, is to know change is inevitable. Change is hard and it is OK that it is difficult.  It is OK to be vulnerable, to say I am trepidatious of change. Scary as change is, it is part of the human experience. As a forty eight year old woman, I can truly say that change has been a teacher to me. Change is easier when I take good care of myself.  Life experience has taught me that it is OK to be sad with change or embrace it or perhaps both.

Just last week there was so much change in my life. My twin sister and I were asked to be guests on the new day time TV show with Anderson Cooper on Twins and issues of claustrophobia.  We were going to be put up in a hotel, all expenses paid to go to New York.  My twin sister and I had never been to New York and felt excited but scared. We don't like to fly because we are claustrophobic. I knew it may not pan out and tried to stay detached.  It was not a big deal for us when we ended up not going on.  I had been asked to do a keynote speech to ninth grade students on homelessness.  I only had a four day warning, but it turned out to be great. I can adapt well to change.  I don't love it, but I feel to go with the flow is better than going against the current.  A large part of this is my faith in God.

I was told in a meeting with my supervisor that our entire staff including me, are being put on furlough in October and November. Instead of fighting the change, I worked hard to book more speaking engagements so that change won't break us.

My friend and neighbor has been fighting cancer for four years. I went to see her for a visit Saturday and she passed away Sunday.  It helped to work in her garden today that she loved so. My sister and I pruned it and picked vegetables and baked zucchini bread with her fresh vegetables.  We plan to take it to her husband who asked us to keep her garden up in this time of change. We felt extreme healing being in the garden she loved and making it look beautiful and poised as she is....

Change is a normal part of life but it does not make it easy.  Fall symbolizes change. We go from abundant life to the dying leaves, snow falls and the earth dies symbolically. The leaves change color, the wind starts to blow, the snow will begin to fall.  This is life. It all comes full circle.  Lets all work together and make change in the world for the better, not just for our personal gains. How can you make change work in your life and globally?


  1. What an excellent post Laura. Change can be a welcome thing--an unwelcome thing--something exciting--happy--sad--even devastating. It is our attitude dealing with the change that matters. That doesn't mean we are always sunshine--but just knowing that change is a part of the full does matter how we deal with it--and speaks to the person we are.

    I really enjoyed this post!! Cheers, Jenn

  2. Sounds like you embrace change with both hands and do it well. I admire you for that! Brilliant post about change.


  3. Jenn
    I am so glad you liked this post on change. I always appreciate your lovely comments.

  4. kathy
    Thanks for your comments. Change is hard but if we know it is inevitable, we know we have to let go.

  5. Anonymous29/9/11 11:20

    It's such a gift to be there for a loved one.

  6. Gene Pool Diva
    Thanks so much.

  7. claustrophobia in twins eh? I have 7 year old twin daughters and can't say I've noticed, but I'll definitely keep my ears tuned for it now!

  8. Elissa
    Yes, we both have claustrophobia, but mine is much worse and I am the last twin to come out. Here is hoping your twinners don't have claustrophobia.