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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tiger Blood & Charlie Sheen

I am quite amazed at the stir Charlie Sheen and his antics have caused all around the world.  He  has sure gotten a powerful platform for being sick.  I feel sad for Charlie Sheen because he is so desperate and lost.  We can all have our laughs about the chaos he is creating on social media, TV interviews and the like, but lets take one step back.

Charlie Sheen is in the middle of a mental health crisis.  He is in dire need of treatment for dual diagnosis.  I am a psychotherapist by trade and believe, like so many other professionals that Charlie Sheens' mental state is no laughing matter.  He is showing many symptoms of bi- polar disorder and he needs medication.  Here are some observable symptoms that Charlie is displaying:  Narcissism, pressured speech, grandiosity, and risk- taking behavior.

 Lets help educate others to understand mental illness instead of getting hooked into the drama of the behavior that he is presenting.  Let us be human, caring and realize this man is in need of professional help.  No one can make anyone change, go into rehab or stop the negative cycle but Charlie. Perhaps we can all learn from this hollywood star, and help fight the cause of mental illness and addiction.

Let us all take a stand together right now.  Let's face the fact that Charlie Sheen is in need of care, support and for us to stop the madness by keeping the flame firing.  Let us stop the gossip.  This is a human being who is lost right now and needs to find his way.  None of us can ever know what it is like to be in his shoes.  How would we feel living in a fish bowl?  I know in no uncertain terms that I would not invite that into my life.

Lets show our compassion and quit exacerbating the already volitle state of mind this hollywood star is in.  Lets back off and rise up in our humanity.

"A loving heart is the truest wisdom." Charles Dickens

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