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Monday, March 7, 2011

Part 2: Mourning My Jeep & Moving On

I felt sad having to say good by to my Jeep Cherokee.  My Jeep had been like a friend to me. It went through so many transitions with my family. I went from a married to divorced and single mom with this car. Lots of emotions  as I talk about letting go of my divine love. My car I named divine love since it had a license plate DVL for many years.
  I went looking for a used car.  I researched cars, incentive programs, makes of cars, and many many dealerships. Well, of course their were highly unprofessional sales people and great professional sales people. I will start with my bad experience at Toyota. I had brought a co-worker in with me to look at family vans. He and I were just co-workers.  I was the one asking questions when we went in looking. This sales person never gave me any eye contact. He was so rude and sexist.  He talked to my co-worker and made a very wrong assumption, that he was the one in charge of buying this car. It was as if he could not hear my friend say you need to ask her. The salesman never did ask me.  He just kept shooting questions at my co-worker.  I definitely had remarks I had to make before I left.  I am a powerful single mom, something I could not have said about myself 8 years ago. I took my power back after being in an incredibly abusive marriage. Mostly psychological, emotional and verbal.  I won't go into that story, but suffice to say, NO ONE CAN TALK DOWN TO ME AND TREAT ME LIKE A IGNORANT HUMAN BEING WITHOUT A FIGHT. I matter of fact, told the salesman that I would never again buy a car from that dealership and was going straight to the Kia buy happy car program at Morries. I was very clear about my reasons why I was leaving.  He seemed totally shocked by my claims. I did not care take this very narcissistic man.  I just left not looking back.
I headed straight to the Kia dealership where family friends referred me. I met a wonderful sales person who treated me the way I would want to be treated. I brought my family to the dealership the second time and had them look at the Kia Sedona.  I must say, they looked very comfortable in that car. I was also happy that I was approved for the loan and now own a midnight black colored Kia family van. I had never even thought one moment about purchasing  a new car, but with the new car program at Kia, I could not pass it up.

Now comes the part of the story where I introduced my Jeep to my new Kia.  These two family cars hit it off right away. My jeep told Kia of all the lovely excursions it had led us on.  It also told the new car the places it should take us. My family and I then waved good by to our old friend and blessed him for all he had done for us. We sent the Jeep with blessings and knew his parts would help some other family.  We told him we would never forget him.

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