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Friday, March 23, 2012

Jack Jablonski and Justin Quale Benilde St. Margaret's Hockey Players

Benilde St. Margaret’s hockey player and Perspectives’ volunteer Justin Quale, reflects on what the state hockey win felt like to him and his fellow teammates. Justin is a volunteer in our charming café on Tuesday nights this semester.  I recruit Benilde students each semester to volunteer in our Kids Connection program to work with our at risk k-5th grade students.
 In December of this year, a Benilde Hockey player Jack Jablonski, better known as Jabby, sustained serious spinal cord injuries during a game.  Winning the state championship in hockey was a surreal feeling on so many levels Justin Quale stated.  The team was so bound and determined to “do it” for Jabby.
 Scrolling over the Kids café video screen was the bright Red Knight Win Congratulations from Perspectives staff.  “Congratulations on the big state win over Minnetonka, Justin. What was it like winning that game since the year was such an emotional journey for the team? “  
“It was an amazing night and season.  Knowing that Jabby was watching the games from his hospital room made us all the more determined to fight as hard as we could, just like Jabby.  The night of the game, Jabby was able to watch the game on the sidelines and even lifted his arm up when he knew we won. The spirit of community was something none of us will ever forget.  Jack was able to come out on the ice with us and celebrate the win.” 

Sincere congratulations to Justin and the Benilde St. Margaret’s hockey team for taking the state championship. I think I can say for the common person who has watched this emotional season that the love for their teammate Jablonski was awe inspiring. It has taught us about adversity and the power of attitude.

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