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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

BFF 173- Toy Story

Toys and kids. What a lovely combination. Who doesn't remember their favorite toy as a child? I think we all do. The child within is something I am very in touch with. As a psycho-therapist by trade, I loved learning all the great information on and around childhood and family of origin. As a woman, I feel like I inhabit  a child's psyche. Of course I remember my favorite toy. Drowsy.

Baby drowsy,  ah, I still get goose bumps thinking of her. Her soft tan skin and chubby fingers. Red tiny lips perfect for kissing. Shush don't tell. I still remember her smell. Her shiny soft hair, good for brushing. The funny things that came out of her mouth like," Mommy, kiss me good night," "I wanna drink of water,"or the desperate cry, "Ahahahahah."

My doll brought me through so much. She was always there for me. Yes, she let me cling to her pink polka dotted Jammie's. She was so warm and fuzzy. Life wasn't always easy at my house, so I projected all the love I needed and wanted, onto her.  Yeah, she did a good job.

Dolls, it's what's for squeezing.


  1. Sweet. And like the whole premise of your blog. Will follow!

    1. Sandra,
      Thanks for stopping by my stoop.

  2. I had a doll like that too! I agree, they are what's for squeezin ;)

  3. My favorite toy was a stuffed dog named Hippie--he went with me everywhere--he was once a furry, squeezable, and fluffy dog--but now he's furless, flat, and in my lingerie drawer. I will never part with that stuffed dog!! LOL :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. Cool story about your doll!