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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bugs Crawl In

The bugs crawl in; infest my brain
I psychically try to force them out; Let my power be not in vain

It wanders through my peace of mind;
Destroying all sense of stability in kind;

These pesty killers grow and grow, but blind to the naked eye you see;
They rot stable connections, love, time together:  families pay a grand fee;

We try to stay strong,  Live like we will die;
At times we concede; the fear can creep in, it is all a lie;

Dance, sing, cry, share, connect, love, write to stay sane;
Love is all we have:  Part of loving is the deep, dark, ugly  pain;

My fear at times keeps my mind in a panic;
I will try for her not to act frantic;

I refuse to let these buggers invade my space;
I will keep my chin up; and for Linda, put on a brave face

For sisterhood is a gift from the Lord on high;
Their are moments I crumble, stumble and cry;

Keep my presence uplifted, inspired and tall,
 For my lovely twinner; I must not fall

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