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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Do twins have a secret language?

My life as a multiple has been packed with excitement, to say the least.  I am an identical twin and can't imagine life as a singleton. I do not know anything different.  My twin sister and I get a kick out of the reactions people have with twins.  I could go on and on with silly stories here. Our famous line at night after a full day is " Oh, do I have a story for you."

A factoid is that my twin sister and I live together at this stage of our lives. We are both raising my two children. It is great fun.  Just tonight, a funny twin story ensued, let me explain. My sister and I dropped off my son at baseball.  I dropped my sister off at a local restaurant so she could eat and listen to live jazz.  My sister is a blogger and brought her computer with her.  She has a blog called " Twincess Diaries."   There was a couple dining there that approached my sister.  The woman said " Oh, hi, how are you?  Now, know that this scenario has happened to both of us so many times in our lives, I just can't count. My sister said,  "I am sorry, I don't know you."  The lady said, Oh it's xxxx.   My sister said " no, I really don't know you.  I am an identical twin."  The woman laughed and rebutted that she thought that was so funny.  The story ends like most, where the person looks just a bit closer and knows it to be true.

Can you imagine the outlook we have as  twin sister's, with  fun and Tom Foolery?  Life has been full of hilarious stories and episodes. Thank goodness we are extroverts with a great sense of humour because we are literally, always on stage.

Tonight, I was watching the news and caught a twin story. Perhaps you saw it on you tube. It was twin boys in diapers, talking gibberish to each other, in their kitchen.  The twins have this fantastic dialogue with no words.  They are using their hands and feet to talk.  They go back and forth between them, using words not in our English language, but seem to understand perfectly,  what the other twin is trying to say.  It is a priceless video.  It is a must see. This story reminded my sister and I tonight of a story our mother used to share with us.

It is humorous to my sister and I to watch those on the television trying to psychologize these twins and discuss whether twins have a language of their own.  Let me tell you here and now, of course they have a language of their own.  My sister and I did too. My first story recounts my mother telling us how we would have lengthy discussions as toddlers which she could not depict. Our mother had respect for the unique twin connection, and just stood back in awe, witnessing the "twin language."

We remember being separated in kindergarten. They not only put us in separate classes, but also brought us to a funny room.  We now know as adults, we were taken to a speech therapist weekly.  They obviously wanted to mainstream our language skills so that we could relate to other kids. It took several months, but eventually, we dropped the twin language and integrated  with the rest of the children. I know we don't talk this gibberish anymore, but we have a keen sense of intuition with each other that goes quite deep.  

I can only imagine the perspective my twin sister and I are molding for my teen boy and girl.  They do have great fun watching our twin shenanigans. We all laugh a lot together.  "We laugh alike, we talk alike, what a crazy pair."  Sorry, I couldn't resist the temptation.

In conclusion, I want all those out there wondering about twins, to know this.  Twins do talk over one another. Twins do move alike.  We talk sentences for each other often and at times it is very embarrassing.  People that witness this, take a step back and just gasp.

I would never trade my  life as a twin, if I was given the chance.  Being a twin is a blessing.  Some twins compete with each other.  My twin sister and I have never competed with one another. We have always supported each other in every way. Please check out my sisters blog to learn more about twins.


  1. What a neat post! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Magnolia,
    I am so glad you liked this.. I am going to find you now.