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Friday, April 2, 2010

A Funny World

I must say, I had a good belly laugh shopping at the grocery store the other day.  There were two older women that looked like they were around the age of 60. They were standing near the check out isle speaking loudly and quite charged up, as if one of their family members had been involved in a scandal.  As I neared closer to them they were talking about some jerk,  but not one in their own immediate family.  They were discussing  the latest drama in Sandra Bullocks life.  Yes, how Sandra Bullocks husband had cheated on her. Sandra, our american hollywood sweetheart.

 What a funny world we live in.  These women were so caught up in Sandra Bullocks' love life that it sounded like it was happening to their own family member.  

I have enough on my plate as a single mom than to worry about an actresses cheating husband. I do however believe, that we do as a society get pretty caught up in what is happening to the hollywood stars. I mean, in one way, it is pretty touching how people out in the community are so protective over Sandra Bullock, our down to earth American idol.  In a way, it  feels like Sandra is part of our extended family.  Perhaps we  need some way to divert our attention from our own struggles in our own lives, to the hollywood scene, to make us feel that we are all alike. We are not alone and no man or woman is an island. We all have problems and struggles. I  believe,  psychologically speaking, it is healthy at times, to look at others having issues because it  take us away, at least for a bit, from our own problems.

Do you find your self talking about the hollywood stars  as if they were your own extended family.  If so, please talk to me.  I would love to hear your view on this matter.

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