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Monday, March 10, 2014

My Twin Sister Will be Ten Years Cancer-Free on St. Patrick's Day-Please Send her to Kegs N Eggs to Celebrate her big Milestone

                                                                 Dear Friends

My amazing twin sister is coming up on ten years cancer-free from Lung cancer on St. Patrick's Day. It's an incredible feat in spite of the poor odds she was given. The doctor's gave her a 20-25% chance of surviving the first five years. She has always been a strong woman with her own plan. She continues to inspire me, her friends and family.

In our wonderful city of Minneapolis, MN, a local radio station we regularly listen to is giving away VIP tickets to a full day of St. Patrick's Day fun. They are calling the party 'Kegs & Eggs' and will feature great musical entertainment, good food, and plenty of Irish libations. It will be held at a popular downtown venue called the 'Fine Line Music Cafe.'

My twin sister recently shared that she wanted to do something unique and special for this important mile-stone in her cancer journey. I can't think of anything more fitting than celebrating with our favorite radio station-Cities 97.

She has no idea I'm writing into the radio station with hopes of winning "VIP" tickets to this event. I ask that you please consider sending my sis and I to this wonderful affair. She is so deserving of a big out like this with all she's gone through these last ten years. She is my inspiration and my best friend.

Oh, and by the way, CANCER STINKS!!!!

Cancer Benefit in 2004

One of Linda's many cat scans as a survivor
Here are two links to articles Linda wrote about her cancer journey touching story she wrote about her and I during her cancer journey. Just a warning: it's a tear jerker. article Linda wrote that gives readers a glimpse into a week as a cancer survivor.

Thank you for your consideration in giving my twin sister a ten year celebrations she will never forget.


Laura R. Arne


  1. Laura,

    I read Linda's blog, and congratulated her on another successful anniversary! I wanted to congratulate you too because I know you were a huge part of her success!

    I believe some of the very best medicine for whatever is ailing us is love and the support that comes with it.

    I'm so happy you two have each other and are so dedicated to each other's well being. You set a beautiful example for siblings of all kinds to pattern after and I'm very honored that you take the time to share your lives with us!

    God bless you both and I'm believing for many more fantastic anniversaries in your futures!


    1. Angelia,
      You are so right about the power of Love. Thanks so much for including me in the congratulations. I hope my kids and I have been a big part of her survival. She helped all of us survive too. God is so good by setting up the divine plan, one in which we could have ever thought up. Who knew her being sick could bring my kids and I so much joy and she says the same.