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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What Beth is really doing on her month sabattical #60 GBE2

Just another day in Bethsville. Blogging, creating juicy tales is what gets Beth up in the morning. Most don't know that each morning when she takes breaks from her writing, she is calling the local jazz station. Beth is persistent and tries to win cash prizes, trips, anything that could take her away for only little while from her structured life.

Sitting in her three season porch with her cup of coffee, she heard the phone ringing in the house. Running to grab the phone she was greeted by a gentleman named Scott. Hi is Beth there? Well, it depends on who this is, giggling followed. I am Scott, the Promotional Manager at the local radio station. Oh, yes then, I am here, what did I win Scott? Beth could feel her legs giving way under her as she heard the best name ever Johhny Depp. 

Beth, you are the lucky winner to win the fly away trip with Johnny Depp on his secluded island. You will be there for one month, just you and Johnny and the photographers.You will fly out tomorrow on Delta for one month all expenses paid. Crack----@#@#

Beth opened her eyes and wondered what had happened. The phone lay on the floor next to her. Then she remembered, OH MY GOD, I won a trip with Johnny Dep. Miracles do happen. Johnny......................


  1. bahahahahahahahaha Ya know what? I bet she has had that dream! Love it Laura and so YOU and so BETHIE!

  2. Jo,
    I think she will love this.....

  3. Now that would be one cool prize! Johnny Depp and a tropical paradise for a month? Hell yeah, sounds good to me!!


  4. Oh yeah, this is totally my fantasy--they always include Johnny Depp!

  5. Hi again! Saw your name on my GFC list of followers! That was very kind of you! I just joined yours as well, but it appears under the name Marcia Doyle, just so you know it's me.
    Thanks again for sharing and I look forward to reading new blog posts from you!

  6. i LOVE that pic of Johnny..never saw it before. :0) (i don't think she would EVER faint..ever..she has heard it all, seen it all, read it all...) LOL ((hugs))

  7. I have a friend who is calling on contests all the time - so it really made me laugh. Love how it might have been a dream at the end, but then wasn't. Cool little secret life of Beth that we wouldn't know about!

  8. Anonymous21/7/12 18:11

    Laura, this would be Beth's dream of a lifetime! Short and oh-so-sweet! Loved it!

  9. Anonymous1/8/12 13:18

    WOO-HOO!!! You know what's funny? At our last house, I had a weird phone line that seemed to just connect every time I called into radio contests. Dial, ring, "You're caller #1, try again." Dial, ring, "You're caller #9, try again." Dial, ring, "You're caller #19, you win!!" I won over and over and over. I won so much that I kept a list on the side of my fridge with all of the local stations numbers, current contests, times to call, and the date of the last time I won something from each (many have rules prohibiting listeners from winning good prizes more than once a month). I won tons of little stuff (CDs, concert tickets, etc.) and quite a few bigger prizes, too (nice size gift cards to local businesses, cash, a few trips). My daughter, sister, and niece even hung out at my house just to use the magic phone and they won, too. My daughter won a trip to Cancun. My sister to Vegas, and my niece won one to Vegas, too. Crazy!

    I've won lots of cool stuff, but NEVER a getaway with Johnny Depp!!! LOVED this!!

  10. LOL, I really liked this. It was fantastic.

    1. Austine

      Thanks, I know Beth would love this.